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Members & staff of UKIP past & present. Committed to reforming the party by exposing the corruption and dishonesty that lies at its heart, in the hope of making it fit for purpose. Only by removing Nigel Farage and his sycophants on the NEC can we save UKIP from electoral oblivion. SEE: http://juniusonukip.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/a-statement-re-junius.html

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Happy Birthday to Junius

The Junius blog has now been operating for exactly a year.

One year of exposing EUKIP lies, corruption and dishonesty.

One year of fighting for UKIP truth, honesty and justice.

There have been EUKIP attempts to block our sources, hack into our computers and even search our offices. All these pathetic attempts to silence us have failed.

We will not rest until Farage and his corrupt clique are thrown out of UKIP. We will not rest until they are replaced with decent, honest and, above all, patriotic people. We will not rest until democracy and openness have been restored to the party.

Thanks for your continued support and a big thank you to all our contacts and contributors.

The fight will continue.


hollie said...


Happy Birthday.

I thought we started in December but never mind - who would have thought our respective services woul be so popular and be able to expose so much.

I note the hit counter at:
showed exactly 61,000 hits - I appreciate it only means 61,000 hits on the site but that is, for a very specific site with a long and deliberately obscure title a traffick of some note.

However let us face it just one hit of someone able to clean up EUkip, create transparency, probity and patriotic decency - moving Britain closer to the exit from The EU would be an achievement greater than EUkip.

It is irrefutable that the blog and its associates together with Junius have done much to make the corruption in The EU known.

Preserving the anonymity of Junius and those on the team has at times been difficult meaning we have been unable to publish some items but we have slipped up a couple of times actually naming the participant - mea culpa and my apologies to Junius, but fortunately it was not noticed!

Fortunately we emerged at about the same time, as blogs on the internet, with largely the same aims.

The activities of OLAF & ElCom etc. and The Courts would indicate we have achieved more than a little despite the lies, vilification and abuse levied at us.

To date in many 100s of blogs it is gratifying to know that we have not made a single solitary consequential error or stated a single error of fact witting or otherwise.

I have made about 3 minor errors which I have corrected within minutes of having them brought to my attention.

Good luck Junius and Happy Birthday - thank you for your efforts to clean-up EUkip to try to make it electable in its own right not merely a dustbin for protest votes against perceived corruption at Westminster.

Sadly Farage has fulfilled my every prediction made more than a dozen years ago!

Greg L-W.

Greg L-W. said...


sorry - I may have accidentally misled.

My posting above is titled as posted by Hollie!!!

It was clearly a posting by myself but I help a young Down's Syndrome victim of sexual abuse and had just finished posting a couple of press stories I had helped obtain for her on her blog.

To post to her blog I had used her 'keys' thus showing her name by accident.

I do apologise because I never post my views or opinions in any name but my own.

I do manage various sites related to:

IF YOU can help we would welcome the assistance and if you have been a victim PLEASE feel free to share and use our services.

Do please pass the details on - you never know when we might be able to help YOUR friends.

My apologies if anyone was confused.

Greg L-W.