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Friday, 11 December 2009

Nigel Farage threatens Gerard Batten with disciplinary hearing

Things just get worse for UKIP!

As you can imagine Nigel Farage was gunning for Gerard Batten after he complained about Farage's conduct during the leadership election.

You may recall that Farage described Batten as lacking credibility during an interview on The Daily Politics. Gerard was far from amused!

Gerard also quite rightly criticised Farage and Pearson over the infamous offer to disband if the Tories agreed to a referendum on the EU.


Farage has now threatened Batten with a charge of bringing the party into disrepute. If found guilty he could find himself thrown out of UKIP.

We feel that Farage lacks the courage to carry out the threat. He may be stupid but he is not that stupid. He knows that any attempt to remove Batten would split the party down the middle. The resulting bad publicity would also seriously damage what little reputation UKIP has left.

Gerard Batten is reported to be unconcerned by Farage’s threat. Tim - Gerard's biggest fan and author of the unforgettable 'Vote Gerard Batten' blog - was unavailable for comment.


Tim said...

I am here now.

We will fight any attempt by Nigel Farage to kick Gerard out of UKIP.

Greg L-W. said...


funny how they couldn't organise one against Tom Wise and he remained in the party until March 2009 - despite incontrivertible evidence being to hand that he had defrauded the tax payers in EUkip's name.

In fact Farage was still telling lies about his status and bringing EUkip into disrepute and Farage was NEVER disciplined!

lso my blog, this blog and many others have reported time and again on the pond life that has floated to the top in EUkip regularly bring EUkip into disrepute yet being endemically corrupt they attack Edmond, West, myself, Junius, Abbot etc. who tell the truth again and again - how could one bring EUkip into disrepute?

Their reputation stinks!

We even note Croucher's vile behaviour and his alter ego which clearly brings EUkip into disrepute - his lies have done EUkip much harm over the years yet he is back in their employ in the EU.

Denny a proven liar and serially corrupt hes never come before a disciplinary hearing for having brought EUkip into disrepute, nor Michael McGough nor Bannerman for their lies and dishonesty,

There is more than adequate provenance that Batten should not be punished as his actions are stupid but mild relative to what could be seen as the endemic norm of EUkip leadership!

Greg L-W.