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Sunday, 13 December 2009

UKIP lies and spin

We note that the usual idiots in UKIP are claiming a surge in membership since the Euro elections.

So would they care to explain why our contact in UKIP HQ has confirmed to us that they have been inundated with resignations?

This follows the revelation that Farage was prepared to disband UKIP if the Tories promised a referendum on the EU.

Several UKIP PPC’s have also resigned in disgust. This includes at least three in the SE.

Mike Mendoza - pictured above - is one of the better known candidates. Mike's reasons for leaving are somewhat different. He hates Pearson but still loves Farage! There is one born every minute!

The Conservative candidate in Hove, Mike Weatherley, has received a big boost today by the defection of his UKIP opponent, Mike Mendoza to the Conservative Party.

Mendoza - who has hosted shows on a number of talk radio stations over the years - is in fact a former Conservative councillor in Brighton and Hove. However, he left the party a few years ago and has since stood for UKIP as a candidate for West Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove Council, and was set to stand in Hove at the general election.

He explained his decision thus:

"After talking to both Mike Weatherley and Tim Loughton [MP for Worthing East and Shoreham where he lives], I realised that they both had the same ideals as me and it would be ridiculous for me to stand against either of them. We have to work together as hard as possible to rid ourselves of this discredited Labour Government.

"I am also totally disillusioned with the way UKIP has developed over the past year and I am very disappointed with the choice of new leader. Nigel Farage will be a very difficult act to follow and without him at the helm UKIP will inevitably lose a lot of credibility.

"I am now going to rejoin the Conservative Party, where I believe I can make suggestions and those suggestions will be listened to. It is far better to be within the Conservative Party trying to make a real difference and only the Conservatives offer any realistic prospect of rowing back from the unashamed federalist European agenda with which this Labour Government have been complicit and which the vast majority of people in Britain do not want.

"I was very impressed with Tim Loughton’s views and will support him in every way I can for the future as my MP. I have always considered Tim a very hard working MP and would not want to do anything to stop him carrying on the great work he has started and achieved so far. Mike Weatherley also has my full support and I have every confidence that he will make a first class MP for Hove."

End of report.

To see the original:LINK

We also note that Paula Songhurst - Derek Clark’s secretary and assistant - has resigned.

Derek Clark is currently under investigation by OLAF. The allegations concern misuse of EU funds. OLAF is set to make a decision on whether to pass their file on him to the British police. Is it just a coincidence that Ms Songhurst has picked this time to resign?

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-