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Thursday, 10 December 2009

UKIP lose court case. A victory for John West

John West's statement.

I am extremely pleased that Ipswich County Court has ruled in my favour and found UKIP guilty of a breach of confidence. This ruling concerns the posting of my MEP mock television interview on the YouTube website.

The Judge ruled that I had every right to expect the interview to remain confidential. He also ruled that UKIP’s defence - that the video was posted without their knowledge - was no defence as they had a clear duty to protect my confidential data.

Peter Reeve and Jonathan Arnott represented UKIP during the hearing. Both failed to provide a coherent defence. It is no surprise that their attempts to exonerate UKIP were rejected by the Judge.

UKIP only has itself to blame for this ruling.

All my attempts to deal with this matter amicably were constantly rejected by both Nigel Farage and John Whittaker.

At the time of the incident Dr Eric Edmond, Del Young and Dr David Abbott all tried to raise this issue with UKIP’s NEC. Their efforts were rejected by their fellow NEC members. As was mine when I attended an NEC meeting to request an apology only to be abused by several of the disreputable individuals on the NEC unfit for leadership of anything let alone what might have been a great political movement to lead Britain out of the EU, which has sadly collapsed due to this and similar dishonourable behaviour.

I would like to publicly thank these three individuals for their support at the time.

To this day I have yet to receive a full apology from ANY member of UKIP’s leadership.

The only people to come out of this badly are Nigel Farage, Annabelle Fuller, John Whittaker and UKIP’s NEC.

Annabelle Fuller lost her job with UKIP after the posting of my video.

UKIP’s image has also been thoroughly tainted by this and other serious issues concerning the lack of probity within the party. Earlier this year UKIP lost out on a donation of £1.2 million after the potential donor was made aware of various allegations of dirty tricks and corruption within UKIP. This included the YouTube incident.

I am relieved to have been vindicated. Justice has been seen to be done.

I would like to thank all those people who have supported me over this issue. There are far too many to mention but special thanks must go to my wife, Petrina Holdsworth, the late Piers Merchant, Greg Lance-Watkins, Geoffrey Collier and Niall Warry and the Defence Fund.

I would also like to thank one of UKIP’s MEPs for their private support. I have agreed not to name them for obvious reasons.

Thank you.
John West

With thanks to GLW for sending us a copy.

Congratulations to John West on winning his case. He must be commended for his determination to bring EUKIP to justice!

It was amusing to note that Farage was telling his sycophants that Mr West had no chance of winning. How stupid must he now feel. John West has been vindicated while UKIP has been humiliated. Another nail in the EUKIP coffin!

Farage and Fuller probably thought in some deluded way that they were being very clever by mocking Mr West on YouTube. If only they could have seen into the future! Look at the ultimate result!

Fuller was sacked and UKIP recently lost a potential £1.2 million donation thanks in part to their treatment of Mr West. That donation could have cleared UKIP’s legal debts AND paid for their General Election campaign.

What a pair of idiots! Farage and Fuller should go on the stage as performing seals or even exhibits in a freak show. Such is the level of their idiocy!

By all accounts little Peter Reeve and little Jonathan Arnott failed dismally to present a defence. All they could manage were feeble attempts to lie and smear. Such are the scum that rise to the top of the sceptic tank that is EUKIP!

Mark Croucher - Farage sycophant and employee of EUKIP - was all set to smear Mr West when the Judge ruled in UKIP's favour. His silence is now deafening.

Here is GLW's excellent summary of the whole sorry saga:


Ipswich County Court was the scene of another embarrassment for EUkip today in a case which has been bubbling under for a long time and which has done the party a great deal of harm as its profile has been greatly raised by Mark Croucher in an endless thread on what was The UKIP Forum until EUkip placed itself firmly in the gutter with an endless and vile thread desperately and dishonestly trying to pretend Niall Warry, Geoffrey Collier & Dr. Eric Edmond were in some tenuous way dishonest - a typical example of EUkip's gutter politics.

Deliberately I have held back on publishing this news as I wished to see just how long it would take before EUkip came out with some sort of denigratory spin against the Courts and the Judge who found them Guilty and in what way they lied to imply they had been exhonourated by being found guilty. My uninvolved witness in The Court phoned me on his mobile shortly after 15.30 hrs. with the details, but now at 19.30hrs. EUkip still haven't managed to invent a spin so here are the facts.

During the corrupt procedure for appointing the liar and cheat Bannerman at the top of the list of candidates in the Eastern Region EUkip's crew of filth deliberately leaked a confidential internal training practice video onto YouTube - the leak was carried out by one of Farage's doxies Annabelle Fuller who posted it on YouTube under the title of 'How Not To Do Politics' this foul mouthed deficient would not, in my opinion, have acted in this way had she not been carrying out the wishes of Farage.

Annabelle Fuller even invented a pack of lies to try to cover for EUkip but finally although EUkip's corrupt leadership made a pretence of believing the lies Annabelle Fuller was announced as sacked by John Wittacker an issue he found so repugnant that he himself resigned as chairman and Farage's errand boy.

Finally today in Ipswich County Court John West was totally vindicated.

Peter Reeve and Jonathan Arnott were made to look the shifty little nebishes they most clearly are by the Court. They were like small boys in front of the head master with Reeve trying to use every irrelevant comment he could think of.

The Judge lambasted them not just for their failure to protect data but for trying to pass the blame to an individual when it was clearly EUkip's duty to act responsibly. The Judge also criticised them for having made no attempt at a plausible defence or at least bringing a Solicitor to represent them as he was clearly annoyed at their childish comments in the Court. Their excuse was that EUkip's legal adviser Michael Zucherman had told them that they weren't allowed a solicitor in a small Claims Court to which the Judge firmly responded 'what rubbish, that is ridiculous and you say he is a solicitor'!

The case commenced at 14:00hrs. and EUkip's legal team even threatened John West in Court saying that if they had wanted to damage him they would have done more, thereby admitting they had actually been party to this offence! John West asked what they would have done additionally as he had only ever tried to strengthen and support EUkip and there was nothing they could have 'on him'.

Little Jonathan Arnott even tried to claim that John West had had meetings with the BNP, which was proved to be a lie and the best evidence they could lead was a photograph taken by that egregious piece of filth the low life and liar Michael McGough at the EU election count of John West chatting with the Libertas candidate and what seems to be a chum of McGough's standing alone and making a victory sign for McGough, the supposed evidence was so irrelevant the Judge just ignored Arnott who sheepishly hid it away in his folder, realising he had again made a fool of himself and EUkip - Just how low will these scum sink?

Peter Reeve & Jonathan Arnott increasingly aware that not only were EUkip clearly in the wrong but that they had made the situation increasingly worse as they stood there like startled rabbits in the headlights and when the Judge finally called a halt to the procedings they were a picture with little Arnott chubby and childish and clearly completely out of his depth dealing with grown ups on his own and Peter Reeve shown yet again to be a complete inadequate as he went redder and redder - The Judge found in favour of John West finding EUkip in dereliction of their duty of care and confidentiality and guilty of the offence as charged clearly vindicating John West and making an oblique congratulation in that he had relentlessly persued the matter.

John West was thus completely vindicated and EUkip PROVEN GUILTY and admonished accordingly, well aware that John West had merely wished for an apology and EUkip having failed to make the simplest attempt at apology the Guilty verdict was particularly valuable since West had had the backing of a considerable number of honest men and women who were disgusted at EUkip's behaviour.

Even leaving the Court Reeve & Arnott showed themselves for the ill mannered low lifes they clearly are - too ashamed of their behaviour to apologise or even concede with honour they strutter out of Court behind John West and his Father, a retired Police Officer, making derogatory comments and sneering asides - these people really are the sweepings of society, unfit for any political role but probably unfit for any other career of merit or responsibility - they just haven't a clue how to behave as grown ups and like Farage depend on sneer, smear and spin to underpin their sordid personalities.

John told me last night he really didn't expect his compensation to cover his costs but that the important factor was to clear his name of the vile lies of the likes of Croucher, Denny, McGough, Curtis, Reeve, NutAll, Agnew, Farage, and the rest of the solids that have floated to the top in EUkip's leadership septic tank.

Well done John West for making every effort you could to clean up EUkip, with honourable disregard for the vile manner in which they attacked you.

It is now 21:00hrs. and my phone has, as ever, been in melt down - I'm supporting parents in Court in the morning fighting for their children against the malign Families Courts and the lies of The SS. Also in defence of an abused wife in Edinburgh where Elaine Grossart is being attacked yet again by her sordid ex husband Spec. member and serial bully, pervert and narcissist who targets women - look him up there is a great deal on this monstrous degenerate on the internet!

Anyway - at last herewith John West's statement on todays resounding victory and he asked how he could pay off the money he had received from the defence fund that had aided him throughout but we have declined as the donations were made in good faith and he had acquitted his end of the bargain by his efforts to clean up EUkip in the intention of TRYING to make it electable, which clearly it is not in any rational or honourable way.

Any of the donors to the defence fund who are not happy with my decision made on behalf of the fund I will personally repay their contribution.

To view the original: LINK


Greg L-W. said...


May I use your comments to show my support for John West's principled attempt to try in what was at times ever more determined/obsessive style to clean up EUkip - a cause in which he clearly very deeply believed or, like so many others, he would have shrugged and walked away.

EUkip may feel they are better off without the dedicated believers in leaving the EU but that they lie and cheat and abuse those who believe in the cause sufficiently to give of their own time to TRY to clean up EUkip for lack of another Patriotic vehicle speaks volumes.

EUkip's duplicity is shameful and no amount of childish claims that everyone who seeks to help them but is critical is CIA, MI5, Mossad, EU, other Parties, the Mickey Mouse Club or whatever childish delusion they are currently promoting brings EUkip into disrepute.

Surely they realise that the more the dishonest, dishonourable and duplicitous leadership of EUkip attack dedicated and honourable supporters of UKIP such as John West, niall Warry, Greg Beaman, Geoffrey Collier, Robin Page, Dr. Eric Edmond, Dr. David Abbot myself etc. the more the Party is damaged and the greater our resolve to see it cleaned up.

EUkip can not begin to understand just how mortally wounded they are in the long run by their lies and dishonesty - they are VERY close to collapse with a fall in members when the membership should have seen dramatic growth and with no MEPs of any gravitas or calibre as even Farage openly expected only 5 and reality predicted 3 had they not been able to fortuitously capitalise on the pretence of outrageous and endemic dishonesty of MPs which was not in fact the case!

The more we, the supporters of UKIP are attacked by EUkip the more damage they do themselves and the more resolutely we turn over the stones to identify the maggots that are their leadership team and the Faragista Fan Club.

Consider just how damaging has been the dishonesty of the attacks on myself which have strengthened my resolve and determination that EUkip's corrupt leadership will be exposed. Consider the fact that I seek no position nor aclaim so no effort they make diminishes my efforts. I WILL ENSURE the truth is told.

It will be of no surprise to those that know me that I have much more in hand as the vile behaviour of EUkip ratchets up and clearly the damage dome to EUkip by Croucher's self serving and dishonourable vendetta has and will do EUkip ever more damage.

For additions to my blog relative to Junius' reproduction here see:

EUkip's new leader would be well advised to seek to build bridges with those who support UKIP most energetically, by cleaning out the parasites that are the leadership team and its supporters. In their dishonesty and their lack of vision EUkip has more ex members than members, more betrayed than served and more enemies that they have worked so hard to earn than reliable friends!

EUkip is no longer fit for purpose and it is foolish braggadocio to claim the Blogs, internet and Courts do not harm EUkip when they are read by many journalists standing over the injured EUkip like vultures waiting for the day when short of food they will note an item on the internet and close in for the kill.

We saw that with the relentless tracking and harrying of Tom Wise pursued with the unremitting determination of the Cape Hunting dog that small as it is can bring down the largest of prey.

EUkip's plight is far worse than it says, worse than it claims, worse than it broadcasts and definitely worse than it believes - just watch the relentless supply of FACT from enemies within that materialise unfailingly in the blogs of Junius, GL-W., Gregg Beaman, Eric Edmond, North, and many more we are an army that does not give in and any attack on one of use results in a response from all - just watch the position of Croucher and the damage he does EUkip!

Greg L-W.

Jez Torper said...

Brilliant stuff! Smack in the eye, eh?
So how much in damages? That will really make the point strongly!
The judge could've awarded £5K.
Did he award the full amount?
Let us know exactly how much - without knowing that the case isn't made - it's into Ruskin/Whistler territory!

Greg L-W. said...


despite the Judge giving Reeve & Arnott a thorough dressing down as inadequates who, as a political party, should have acted like a political party and at least fielded a solicitor or someone with the intelligence to know how to behave, he made it clear he thought the Party were very amateur.

Sorry I took time to answer this as I had to get hold of John West for the details and John West doesn't speak to Junius so I am answering for Junius who called me earlier.

The aim of the case was to clear John West's name of the lies and inuendo of EUkip's gutter tactics which it has done.

Substantial damages were not expected as it would have been yet more money taken off the members and so John & his supporters are perfectly happy with the verdict which awarded £50 to make the point and John has incurred no costs so I presume they will all have to be paid by EUkip.

EUkip's costs will be high I expect because Zuckerman will probably over charge for his bad advice at his normal extorionate rate (remember he wanted £10K to register a company which anyone can do on line for about £150!) plus of course a couple of hands full of peanuts for the monkeys EUkip sent to represent them!

All that mattered was vindication for John and for his efforts to expose the corruption in EUkip which has been achieved.

Greg L-W.
If you want more details phone me all my contact data can be found at:

Greg L-W. said...

Here is a comment published on the internet by Dr. Eric Edmond who was an involved party:

Originally Posted by Anthony Butcher:
It was an unfortunate episode that cost her a job and John Whittaker his sanity having been forced to put out that ridiculous defence. It would have been far better, and more honest, to just accept that it was a stupid thing to do and apologise.

Tony, it was not an unfortunate episode, it was a deliberate nasty attempt to smear a decent honest man who had worked hard for UKIP in the Eastern region to ensure he would not be on the Eastern Region MEP slate and hence enhance Bannerman's prospects in the MEP selection poll. It was for this same reason that Robin Page was fiddled off the UKIP Eastern region MEP slate on very spurious grounds.

Bannerman had a clear interest in this matter but I do not recollect him recusing himself from the NEC discussion of the John West or Robin Page issues.

Del, David and I fought hard at the NEC for exactly the course you suggest, an unreserved apology by John Whittaker, then party chairman, to John West. We also asked for a full internal investigation to establish who posted this person's confidential material. My understanding was that the only people who had access to this video were Clive Page & Annabelle Fuller. I also understand Nigel Farage saw all these trial media videos.

John Whittaker stated at the NEC that he was 'not minded to take the matter further' and left John West with no option but to take court action to defend his reputation.

Sending little Arnott and Reeve to represent UKIP was pathetic. It was a job for the party chairman, presumably still Paul Nuttall until Pearson replaces him, and UKIP's solicitor and NEC member, Zuckerman. Their failure to appear in court to put UKIP's case speaks volumes.

I should add that Zuckerman and Bannerman were on the NEC that considered what action to take on this matter. They both supported the do nothing line. They are both still on UKIP NEC. David Abbott and I were voted off the NEC on charges trumped up by Bannerman. Del was so disgusted he refused to stand again for the NEC. Nuttall subsequently threw him out of UKIP on other erroneous charges.

It was a sordid and disgraceful episode that I know David, Del and I still feel soiled and dirtied by. We did all we could to rectify the situation. The Cabal has an overwhelming majority on UKIP NEC. The UKIP constitution allows them to remove on trumped up charges democratically elected members from the NEC who disagree with their actions.


Greg L-W. said...

& HERE IS A COMMENT BY LITTLE ANTHONY BUTCHER (usually a dishonest and corrupt supporter of EUkip):

As with most of UKIP's problems, it wasn't the initial stupid action of an employee (which was unacceptable, but not the end of the world), it was the follow up behaviour from the leadership that multiplied the problem.

Had she been properly disciplined, and an apology issued, that would probably have been the end of it. Instead there was the ridiculous Morrocan taxi driver story which John Whittaker was forced (presumably) to publicly support.

The court verdict has shown that the lack of any action by the NEC and leadership was highly inappropriate and a deliberate attempt at a cover up, as we also saw in the Tom Wise case.

This wasn't the first time that UKIP staff, including Ms Fuller, had been caught out in a smear campaign against other UKIP members - remember that they were found to be informing members that Richard Suchorzewski was both a BNP plant and gay during the last leadership election. RS asked NF to take action at the time, but he refused, despite the evidence. There wasn't even a pretence at an investigation.

The real question is - will Lord Pearson continue to allow this kind of corruption in the party, or will he end it? Having been found guilty in court of breaching the Data Protection Act, UKIP should launch an internal investigation into what happened and, most importantly, how it can be prevented in the future. However, as we have seen with the Electoral Commission case, UKIP doesn't seem very keen on accepting any blame, or setting in place new systems to prevent these incidents happening again.

At the moment, the official version remains that Ms Fuller left her laptop in a taxi in Morroco, the driver took it to a friend who created a new Youtube account, uploaded a single John West video, mocked him in the comments, then returned the laptop to the driver, who then returned it to her.

Even with this nonsense, UKIP doesn't appear to have put any new systems in place to prevent Morrocan taxi drivers and their friends from being able to access sensitive data on lost laptops.

Regards, G.L-W.

Greg L-W. said...


I note with interest that Jez Torper has absolutely no noticeable internet presence and not a single visit to his profile other than myself, or is it Jezebel IN A Torpor?

It does rather look like an all too typical fake set up by EUkip to play the supporter for lack of actual support just as with the vile and duplicitous Baron von Lotsov who even now is trying to invent stories in the same way that Malcolm Wood has dishonestly misled people and Skeptik who acted in concert with the serial failure Croucher who has done so much harm to EUkip over the years and between his business and personal failures has so alienated the media and loyal supporters of the party with his lies, willingness to stoop to any level and unprincipled lack of integrity.

Joshua Onions also made a habit of numerous false names to pretend EUkip had more support than it had and they are not alone!

How long will Jezebel last?

Croucher and Skeptik crept away from the forum at the same time to hide under a stone having yet again been shown for the filth they are but still Croucher works for EUkip, causing them ever more damage.

Astonishingly some in EUkip do not understand why EUkip so rarely gets good publicity in the media!

Stop, just look at your media team of life's rejects, perverts and dishonest failures and you can answer your own question!

Greg L-W.