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Monday, 27 December 2010

UKIP: Mike Nattrass in the Express

From the Express:

EU BOSSES are wasting thousands of pounds of British taxpayers’ money by keeping hundreds of lights burning all night in empty offices at the Strasbourg Parliament.

A fortune is spent every year illuminating and heating rooms which are unused for weeks on end.

The flagrant waste also makes a mockery of the EU’s attempts to reduce its carbon footprint and deliver a “low-energy economy”.

MEPs gather at the £400million building, on France’s border with Germany, for just four days every month.

UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass, who took this picture, last night branded the waste “disgraceful”. He photographed lights blazing away in the Parliament’s main Louise Weiss building and in the adjoining Winston Churchill block.

Light switches and radiators were left on in empty offices, hallways and even the canteen on Thursday evening, long after Eurocrats had packed up and left.

Mr Nattrass, MEP for the West Midlands, added: “This is just another example of the EU gravy train. This has gone on for too long, I am sick and tired of walking past the Strasbourg Parliament and seeing all the office lights left on when nobody is in them.

“On Thursday, voting finished just after midday and MEPs all started to drift off as usual. Hours later I took photographs of light beaming out of the Louise Weiss building and it wasn’t from one room but lots of them.

“I then went into the building the following day on Friday and checked to see if the heating was on and it was. The place was virtually deserted.

“Hardworking Britons will be sick to their stomachs to know their cash is being wasted in this manner. It’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Mr Nattrass also revealed that the majority of the 2,000 offices inside the Parliament have showers, washbasins and TVs that can pick up channels from all over the world. “It’s needless,” he said. “I’ve never used the shower in my office as long as I’ve been an MEP. Why would I need to? I have one before I leave the hotel in the morning.”

The monthly jaunt from the European Parliament in Brussels Belgium to Strasbourg, 216miles away, is estimated to cost the public an annual £200million.

Yet MEPs are there for voting sessions on just 48 days a year. Moving various files and equipment between the two cities takes 30 men and 10 large trucks.

The huge cost involved has led to repeated calls to have Brussels as the sole location of the Parliament.

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The reason the lights of the Strasburg Parliament are deliberately left on all the time is to literally illuminate its status in Strasburg and Europe.

It's a Peacock. It has to show off.

To ask the Strasburg Parliament to switch off its lights is the equivilent of asking a man to take an antidote to Viagra, so he is un able to have an erection!

They just won't do it!

As for the permanent heating, they will argue that the premises need to be continually heated in order to prevent damp. Also, they might will argue that it is cheaper in the long run to keep the heating on all the time.

They might have a point.

Heating up a large building to an adequate temperature takes time. Once damp does set in a building it is very hard and expensive to deal with.

Not only that you have the cleaners, security and office staff to consider, who will all, quite rightly, be unwilling to work in a cold environmnent.

When I worked for Manchester City Council I was told that the heating was turned on and off at a particular time of the year. The heating was kept on at the weekends when the buildings were not fully occuppied. This proved more cost effective, than switching off the heating at the weekend, then switching it back on on Monday.

You also have to take into account that sometimes staff will choose to work at the weekends and then you have the cleaning and security staff. There could be an odd meeting impromptu or two. Public buildings can often be required at a moments notice.

It can sometimes take a good 24 hours for a large building to heat up.

If staff employees are left working in the cold, then the Council gets into trouble with Health and Safety, the Unions and every other Tom, Dick and Harry who has 'a right to complain'.

As for showers and washbasins in the Strasburg Parliament. I bet if they were removed, you would find at least one MEP inconvenienced, saying he/she needed to use the facility for one reason or other.

In these kind of situations, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

It is a pity the Strasburg Parliament building is not fully utilized. But then, you have this problem with a whole assortment of other public buildings like Churches, schools and Universitys which are often not fully utilized all the year round.

Because of its position so close to Germany, I think in the long run it would be wiser to keep the Strasburg Parliament functioning. Who knows what changes there will be in the future and what will be required of it.


To be honest I don't think it is unreasonable to have sinks and showers in the Strasburg Parliament for MEP's use.

I am sure the thinking was, when the building was planned, that there should be adequate amenities for MEP's if/when, they should be called upon to have to stay in the Parliament building for late night or all night sessions.

It is all about convenience and making the working environment more accommodating to peoples needs. Also, the two and froing of long travelling for MEP's. Shortage of time, means that some would prefer to just shower at work, than go the hotel first.

The 'powers that be' were I am sure trying to be helpful and realistic to the pressure that MEP's are under concerning pressure of time and long meetings held in the Parliament building.

In the Houses of Parliament there are regularly long sessions held well into the night, and if you've already had a long day by 5pm a shower might well be very welcome before the evening session commences.

I once worked for a boss who starting work in his office well before 8 am, would have a wash at lunchtime then change his shirt. He always smelt fresh and delicious! I had quite a crush on him.