Thursday, 8 October 2009

The ballad of Seymour & Farage or how Junius learned to stop worrying and love Nigel's tie

We at Junius have a bit of a soft spot for Jill Seymour. She means well and really does want the best for our country. And to her credit she was extremely unhappy with the treatment dished out to the likes of Martin Haslam, Robin Page, John West, Petrina Holdsworth, Del Young and the rest of those pesky ex-UKIPPERS.

Unfortunately, she could never quite manage to pull herself away from Nigel’s immense gravitational field and so lacked the will to speak out against some of the more unsavoury aspects of UKIP.

We knew there would be trouble when she started to work for Nikki Sinclaire. Lady Jane - as she is known in friendly UKIPPER circles - is sadly not as good as some when it comes to the written word. Problems soon arose between the two and Jill finally left the fold.

Jill also resigned from the NEC and various other official positions in the West Midlands.

Sadly, she is now regarded by some UKIPPERS as a traitor and a turncoat. Join the club, dear!

And to make matters worse she has been accused of being involved with the True UKIP bloggers!

“Jill, we all thought you were better then this!!!”

“Jill you were always the running joke in the west midlands, you’re one massive joke and this blog proves it, get a f*** life”

End of quotes.

Poor Jill! However, my good friends at ‘True UKIP’ tell me that Jill is not involved with their blog. And having read some of her recent emails I can assure you it's not our Jill!

Here is one of True UKIP’s most recent offerings:

Jill Seymour, one of the West Midland’s most active and prominent UKIP members appears to have thrown the towl in. First she resigned from the NEC, resigned her positions at her local branches and then as ‘Regional Liason Officer’. A title she probably found out was made up and had nothing to do for anyone, which meant that the money offering couldn’t have been too good.

This news will probably come as a shock to anybody who has met Seymour as she has always been a high spirited and dedicated UKIP member and activist. What can she have seen or heard that so disgusted her to leave the continuing sinking ship? Her UKIP Twitter account which used to be updated at least weekly was last updated in August.

Jill Seymour lists one of her hobbies as assisting disadvantaged people, perhaps she’s gone over to help Gerrard Batten in that case? The fact that he’s considered a career as a Hitler and Charlie Chaplin look-a-like isn’t his only disadvantage, his biggest is the fact that his arch enemy Ralph Atkinson has far more people on his side then him and his egotistical cronies Paul Chicken Wiffen and Lawrence Webb-of-Lies thinks.

What has caused Jill Seymour to throw in the towl? Did she think she’d be getting more money from Nikki Sinclair? Or did she learn that Nikki will probably be defecting very soon as a result of the European Parliament grouping, with her leadership bid being a front to con everyone?

To view the original: LINK

Keep up the good work!


  1. Hi,

    with regard to Nikki's rather simplistic bid to get the title but none of the control, cash, say, status, staff, information, access, money, support, media, press office, and so much more besides - all of which EUkip's own performing monkey so clearly stated in his speech on gratitude & humility at the conference is being retained, because as Farage told everyone 'he is very, very clever' but wants to dump the title and the dull unglamarous part of the job!

    Perhaps he is merely following his idols advice, when Margaret Thatcher said:
    'if you want someone to talk about a job hire a man, but if you want the job done hire a woman' or some such!

    Junius have opted to quote TrUkip:
    Or did she learn that Nikki will probably be defecting very soon as a result of the European Parliament grouping, with her leadership bid being a front to con everyone?

    I believe they are wrong - I believe Nikki has joined the fray, not with the aim of winning as she is not so foolish as to pick up litter for Farage whatever the title - I believe she has played a political 'blinder' indeclaring her loyalty to the original ethics and principles of UKIP she has exposed EUkip and the chicanery of Farage and his puppets and muppets, inclusing Pearson who is sooooo out of touch he is just a puppet until Farage wants the job back after the GE and Court cases!

    This in turn has exposed the duplicity of David Bannerman standing aside on the promise of continued deputy leadership and if Farage gets elected & sits with The Tories Bannerman hopes to take over from Pearson!

    As a track record that I just might be right - go to my blog and track when I first stated Nattrass would stand as a spoiler or for that matter that Andreasen was a fraud merely using EUkip's political naivite led by Farage - Both of which have been shown to be true.

    Greg L-W.

  2. So "towl" wasn't a typo then....

  3. John,

    'Towl' wasn't the password anyway!

    The caption on the picture was 'How can we get out of here without being noticed, we're surrounded by water'.

    Greg L-W.