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Monday, 27 October 2014

Junius On Twitter

With next year's General Election just around the corner, The Junius team is gearing up for action.

We have new people on board, who bring with them great technical know-how, and fantastic resources.

We are now on Twitter, and we look forward to giving you all you need to know about the Farage regime, and more.


Monday, 29 September 2014

>UKIP Team Up With Travel Agent To Milk EU Taxpayers


The wife of Nigel Farage yesterday barred The Telegraph from a Ukip fringe meeting instructing MEPs how to secure taxpayer-funded holidays for their friends and supporters.

Kirsten Farage asked this newspaper to leave a fringe meeting outlining an EU scheme that subsidises holidays for political activists to Brussels and Strasbourg.
The European Union spends £25 million on the subsidies for tours arranged through Euro-MPs' offices.
Under the scheme, holiday makers are handed a subsidy of up to £200 in cash if they include a short visit to the European Parliamentary in their itinerary. That money can then be used to pay for hotel rooms, meals and transport.
Ukip's use of the scheme comes despite Mr Farage's party being ostensibly opposed to wasteful spending in Brussels.
Mrs Farage helped organise the briefing for the party's new MEPs, which was held in a suite overlooking the track at Doncaster Racecourse at the party's conference.
"Oh dear," she said as The Telegraph arrived at the event, which had been advertised in the conference schedule handed to delegates. "We didn't really want the press."
"I'd much rather not have any press here. It's an internal event.
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to send you away." She said the meeting was to instruct new MEPs of the "logistics" of booking trips.
Asked about the scheme, she said: "Every MEP is allowed to take visitors' groups over from their constituency or region, or councillors, or business groups they are supporting, or supporting them. It's an EU scheme."

She added: "It's a nice thing to do."

One five-day package advertised on a stand at Ukip conference, organised by a private tour operator, included a visit to the castles of Koblenz, a tour of Strasbourg Cathedral and a boat trip along the Rhine. The visit to the Parliament in Strasbourg lasts two and a half hours. After the EU subsidy, the holiday costs £389 a head.
Another seven-day Ukip tour takes in Verona, Lake Garda, an excursion to Venice and a tour of Vicenza, known as the City of Gold, before driving on to Strasbourg for a short visit to the Parliament.
Other taxpayer-subsidised tours incorporate visits to the tapestry at Bayeux and Monet's garden in Giverny before visiting the European Parliament in Brussels.

Monday, 8 September 2014

>GUEST POST - And Now For Something Completely Different!


This photograph, allegedly taken in the late 1970s, appears to show a young Nigel Farage making his second publically recorded political statement (the first being when he was seen by staff at his private school singing Nazi songs).

Farage is known to have more than a passing aquaintance with Punk Rock, a fact which makes the picture particularly interesting to us.

One fact we can confirm is that UKIP want this picture purged from the internet.

We note that Farage's alleged mistress Annabelle Fuller has had numerous articles about her removed from the Google search engine. UKIP - rewriting history!

Monday, 11 August 2014

> Farage Family Snouts Still In The Trough



After being banned from working for her husband, Nigel Farage's wife gets a new job - with UKIP MEP Ray Finch (Himself a former employee of Farage).

  • Kirsten Farage forced to look for work after EU banned family employees
  • Came as Ukip leader revealed he paid her £27,000 a year to be his secretary
  • Now German-born Kirsten employed by MEP Ray Finch, close ally of Farage
  • Comes as MEP Bill Etheridge tells youth members to copy Hitler's speeches
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2720856/After-banned-working-husband-Nigel-Farage-s-wife-gets-new-job-UKIP-MEP.html#ixzz3A5TWNeSD

Monday, 4 August 2014

> Stop Press: Farage Was Near Something That Happened!


It must be the most stomach churning display of Nigel Farage's sense of self importance to date.

Following the tragic shooting down of Malaysian airlines flight MH 17, one might have expected a word or two of sympathy from the aspiring Lord Farage. But no, what we got from Farage was a headline 'I was at Schipol airport as passengers checked in for flight MH17'

Well so what? Does this jumped up little man really think that he is so important that this matters to the world?

Some years ago, the Tory MEP Nirj Deva, a man so convinced of his own maginificence that he actually nominated himself for the office of secretary general of the UN, issued a press statement headlined 'Nirj Deva survives sunami'.

There are other similarities between the two egos - like Farage, Deva is desperate to get to the Lords, and rumours are that he will get there in a year or so. Also, amusingly, we are told that Farage's bag carriers in Brussels often refer to him behind his back as 'Nirjel'!

> UKip: Still Fruitcakes!


A recent meeting of the UKIP NEC

A Ukip parliamentary candidate and his branch chairman have resigned after claiming the local party is being infiltrated by what they see as "occultists".

UKIP MEP Jill Seymour in her younger days
Jake Baynes, who was to run in the Somerset city of Wells at next year's general election, said he felt he was being driven out by local members, including a couple based in nearby Glastonbury who practise alternative healing, which they claim is inspired and guided by angels.

Baynes, a teacher who stood at the last general election for Ukip, said: "I do think if someone is saying you are in touch with the angelic realms I have to call into question their judgment.

"Everyone's got their different beliefs. It's not for me to belittle anyone's beliefs. People have different views. But if Ukip is trying to shake off this fruitcake image thing, we're not doing a good job of it."

Graham Livings, who resigned as Ukip's Wells constituency branch chairman, said: "We've been infiltrated by the Glastonbury occult. I've heard a lot of people say locally they won't be voting for Ukip because of this. It needs to be addressed. Jake was an excellent candidate. I'm standing down in solidarity."

UKIP's communications team in action.

Monday, 28 July 2014

> Joƫlle Bergeron: Her fascist past & a challenge to UKIP MEPs


Ssshhh .... Don't tell anybody, but Nigel is lying

Farage's new French colleague caused quite a stir upon joining him, of course, but the line put  out by the EFD about her Front National past was (surprise surprise) highly  misleading. Quite a few reports quoted an EFD press release which said Bergeron; "has admitted that she had joined the party with great hopes but realized that  their philosophy was very different."
This implies  that she joined the FN naively but quickly left it when she discovered what it  believed in.
The idea that any French person would be unaware of the position of the FN is simply ridiculous. However, perhaps she genuinely did not notice and it took her a while to suss it out. Quite a while, in fact, as she joined the FN in 1972, the year it was founded, and became a party organizer within just a few years, at the time which the FN was at its most extremist.
In fact, she must be really stupid not to notice, as her husband was a also senior party member.
 Like her, he joined when the party was created. He was politically active in Lorient in Brittany from 1984, as a candidate in national, regional and cantonal elections. And here's the real give away - he was a member of the Front National's Central Committee from autumn 2007.
Here is an article from 2008 detailing his Front National career.

Look, I said it before, I'll say it again, we will never sit with the FN
So the press release was clearly a deliberate attempt to deceive the UKIP membership, as well as the press and the electorate.

And now we can see how desperate Farage is to be president of a pan-European political group, and how easily he can discard his moral and political values.

The question is, how the new UKIP MEPs feel about all this, and what will they do about it? Will they continue to spout the lie that Bergeron left the FN when she worked out what they were about, or will they admit that they now sit in a political group with one of Europe's longest serving and most established fascists, from one of the EU's dirtiest and mst racist parties? Or are they, to a man and a women, either too scared of Farage to say anything, and too scared to lose their jobs by doing something about it?