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Monday, 5 January 2015

> Bill Etheridge: Wasting Taxpayer's Money

Well, we all know that Bill Etheridge is a complete waste, not only of taxpayer's money, but also of perfectly good oxygen. But given the increasing burden of the EU institutions on the taxpayer, could he not have done a bit to help and at least turn off the bloody neon sign in his office window in the European Parliament?

Yes, it is sad but true. Etheridge has a neon sign proclaiming his own name in the window of his Brussels office, and it blazed away, wasting electricity, throughout the Parliament's two week break.

Even the security guards and the cleaners are laughing at you Bill!

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Greg_L-W. said...


I understand that talks were in progress between Bill Etheridge and the Tories.

I am reliably informed that Bill Etheridge openly declared, when he was a Tory, that he intended to join Ukip to get elected as an MEP, as he believed he had a much better chance of being selected & elected in Ukip than in the Tories.

It was then his intention to defect back to the Tories once elected.

Clearly he stood a better chance in Ukip which, as can be seen from both those who have been elected and the publicity candidates garner, has a very low threshold of competence for its candidates.

The plan fell apart due to his idiotic Hitler speech which made rejection by the Tories inevcitable - they tend to weed out their candidates and those who are an embarrassment to them by encouraging them to jump ship to Ukip where they fit in better as failures.