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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

UKIP: More hypocrisy from Nigel Farage

From New Europe:

Ah, the Olympics. At such a huge sporting event, there's only one thing on politicians minds; how can I milk this?

London Mayor, Boris Johnson has grasped the opportunity to strengthen his challenge to David Cameron, making the most of the opportunity.

UKIP have also been spurred on to offer a raffle, of a silver bar. They hope to raise 10 grand for 700 pounds worth of the metal. "This silver bar is a generous donation from Humberside member John Galt," said the organiser, perhaps unaware that Galt is the protagonist in the deeply dreary Ayn Rand's 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged, so beloved a book of the party's leading thinkers.

Party leader, Nigel Farage has also been swept up in the Olympic spirit, "It's been a fabulous week for our elite athletes in all sports. We've had some brililant results in rowing, shooting, cycling and the swimming but it's hard to top Jessica Ennis' amazing victory in the heptathalon, particularly with the weight of a nation's expectations on her shoulders," he says on the party website.

He adds, "Our 'Face of the Games' became the 'Queen of the Games' last night, while Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford also grabbed gold at the highest level."

But UKIP weren't always fans of the games.

During the bidding process the party, led by their then representatives on the London Assembly, fought hard for the games to be brought to... Paris.

Yes, the pro-Britain patriots went for France, even hoisting a giant banner at City Hall emblazoned with the Paris bid logo and the French tricolour.

Damian Hockney, UKIP London assembly member, said an Olympics-free London would save the country from billions of pounds of debt. As for Paris, "the French will make it work and make a thumping great profit out of it".

This did not go down well in London, or even in Paris.

Senior executives of the French bid to host the Games met British Olympic officials in Athens to make an official complaint. Philippe Baudillon, chief executive of the Paris bid, said UKIP had used its logo without permission and had given the impression that Paris was breaching Olympic rules.

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Greg_L-W. said...


I can't really bemoan some prankster evoking the memory of John Galt as some at Junius and elsewhere will remember I evoked exactly the same imagery during the Tory election setting off a hunt for the man with the gold monogrammed cigarettes!

This I had leaked as the key to who would seek & win the leadership election in pure mischief making - It worked!

Well I remember reading all of Ayn Rand, Hayek, Hegel and their ilk as a teenager - in that period they were evocative, informative & even perhaps inspirational towards a lifetime quest for better governance over the next 50 years!

It is interesting to note that UKIP now seems largely to be funded by gambling be that the pockets of Stuart Wheeler who made his money as a professional gambler and now we note the series of lotteries the latest being to sell a £700 1kg ingot of silver for £10,000.

It is unsurprising I guess as before becoming a professional politician and the enrichment that has granted Nigel Farage was a professional gambler punting on the metal trade in the city but not with much success I understand.

He followed on from his being fired by his French employers - a Bank, for his drunken behaviour.

The foundations in gambling are well docum3ented as his father was a professional gambler as a 'stock broker' and also had fidelity and drink problems.

Gambling seems to be in the blood for the Farage Party and one only needs to read between the lines in the books published in Farage's name that show Lt. Guy Farage had very varied success as a gambler!

Just what percentage of the various gambling mechanisms goes to the party and what goes to 'chums' seems a state secret - One wonders were UKIP to EVER gain any authority would the finance ministry be put under the control of Tom Wise, Derek Clark and Andrew Smith or his fall guy Mick McGough to obfuscate and milk?

It is a bit of a gamble if UKIP gets any of the money and many will remember that in the Ashford scam with interlocked companies beyond UKIP - Just like the present lottery gambles - very little of the money reached UKIP, in fact less than 15%.

so over 85% of the money collected went into private pockets - will this be the same in the presenty series of gambles?


Greg_L-W. said...


though I am no fan of Damien Hockney who was a duplicitous and unpleasant little chap I do incline to agree with his views relative to The Olympics and if it irritated the French and exposed the hugely over funded side of the games, which are now all but totally out of control one should perhaps applaud the efforts he made.

Yes indeed Farage's Party is incredibly hypocritical but on this point I do wonder what part UKIP played in the denunciation of these farcical games, as was not Damien Hockney very much his own personal self interest machine in direct competition with Nigel Farage's interests - I do not recall Farage' Party endorsing Hockney's antics at that stage and were the two at complete logger heads?

Let us not forget Farage has fallen out with at least 1/3rd. of his MEPs and most of his better caliber senior members as they tend rather easily to outshine him and must therefore be removed.


Claire Khaw said...

Would Junius like to list in one blog post all the instances of cowardice that Nigel Farage has been guilty of?

Perhaps Junius like to give some consideration as to whether my admission into UKIP would increase its votes.

May I also have his email address?

Greg_L-W. said...


CK never forget that Nigel Farage is arguably UKIP's only asset - It is just unfortunate that they are so bereft of talent that he has risen to be their titular leader when he is so clearly incapable of the task and so insecure he can not function as part of a team.

To be fair with his track record it is unsurprising that he has been such an abject failure as a leader - without strategy, tactics or clear vision beyond self enrichment it would seem.

The endless protestations that UKIP would 'work' to liberate these United Kingdoms from the thrall of the malign EU social engineering has adly proved bunkum as shown by the fact that in almost 20 years UKIP has not even drawn up an exit and survival strategy relative to the EU.

Also be minded that for all the protestations of being non racist and libertarian it would seem that Farage as a leader would seem to believe Liberterian and libertine to be interchangeable and you will have noted his associates over whom he presides, in The EFD Group are extremists, xenophobes, racists advocates of violence as a political method and anti Jewish, Holocaust deniers and as with Farage himself most clearly anti homosexual.

To preach one thing and practice another may be acceptable to some but in public office feeding, in fact engorging, from the public purse such hypocricy ill becomes him.

IF you wish to collate his hypo0cracy then may I suggest you read Junius' blog where many examples are given and collate them yourself.

You may also wish to read yet more facts at http://UKIP-vs-EUkip.com as Team Junius have clearly stated they are making less effort to publicise the facts regarding UKIP as they no longer consider UKIP to be relevant or have any meaningfull future in British domestic politics where they have been little more than an irrelevant side show and protest vote for almost 20 years - despite the hopes of many of us over the years.

As to your last two questions perhaps you misunderstand how politics works - of course you would enhance their vote were you to join them and vote for them - you would enhance it by one!

Whether such a vote has any value or relevance in a party going nowhere and unfit for purpose you must decide - it is YOUR vote!

With regard to Farage's eMail; address I understand he is something of a stranger to the internet and some would argue to the written word or even communication beyond his set piece speeches sheltering behind his claque of low grade placemen - unwilling to risk challenge from anyone who might rescue the party and give it a future.

If you wish to communicate with one of his claque no doubt UKIP head office can provide you with an address that purports to be from Farage but as with Twitter, Facebook and the like it is unlikely he will ever respond personally and probably will never read your communications - though his staff will perform the pretence!

That said at this stage Farage is UKIP's ONLY real asset and a useful idiot for the EU to exploit in return for his seat on the gravy train, with his tax haven bank accounts and numerous financial scams for self enrichment.

The EU pretence of being democratic is well presented by ensuring no one of competence, gravitas or with leadership and campaigning skills ever comes to the fore.

I trust this helps to clarify your thinking and answer your questions with the facts provided.

Enjoy your research though sadly it is unlikely to be a happy experience relative to UKIP as a means by which to Leave-the-EU!