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Monday, 17 February 2014

>More UKIP Lunacy!


Well done to Damian Thomson for spotting this one. It is, we are told, a UKIP supporters blog posting. Who posted it, I neither know nor care, but well done to him (or her) for resisting what must have been an overwhelming urge to mention the Bilderbergers.

"LibLabCon, LIbLabCob, LibLabcon, LIBLABcon, lib-lab-con, LibLabbcon, libLab cOn, lib;Lab:Con, lib_lab–con, LIBL-abco n, LIBLABCCon, lib!lab!con!, LIBLAbCAN, lilabcon, LAblibCOn, LIbbLabCon!, L(ib)L(ab)C(on),liLABcon, liblabbCON, LibLabCon, Lib!!Lab!!Con!!!, Lib:Lab:CON, LibLabCon, LIElabcon, LibLabCon, LabLibCon, liblabcon, lbilabcon, HOW LONG BEFORE THIS IS REMOVED BY THE MODERATORS?????????"

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