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Monday, 4 August 2014

> Stop Press: Farage Was Near Something That Happened!


It must be the most stomach churning display of Nigel Farage's sense of self importance to date.

Following the tragic shooting down of Malaysian airlines flight MH 17, one might have expected a word or two of sympathy from the aspiring Lord Farage. But no, what we got from Farage was a headline 'I was at Schipol airport as passengers checked in for flight MH17'

Well so what? Does this jumped up little man really think that he is so important that this matters to the world?

Some years ago, the Tory MEP Nirj Deva, a man so convinced of his own maginificence that he actually nominated himself for the office of secretary general of the UN, issued a press statement headlined 'Nirj Deva survives sunami'.

There are other similarities between the two egos - like Farage, Deva is desperate to get to the Lords, and rumours are that he will get there in a year or so. Also, amusingly, we are told that Farage's bag carriers in Brussels often refer to him behind his back as 'Nirjel'!

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