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Monday, 25 February 2013

David Bannerman slaps UKIP

From Guido:

Tories’ Black Belt Plan to Chop UKIP Vote


The Tories are definitely not worried about UKIP, that’s why they have asked one of their top MEPs to come up with a three point plan to beat them. David Campbell Bannerman, who was UKIP deputy leader before returning to the Tories, highlights the dangers in a “creative” briefing note seen by Guido:
“Judo teaches you to use the strength of an opponent against them. Applying this analogy to UKIP, we should acknowledge the one strength of UKIP: they seem to be in tune with the majority of the British population on the EU issue. Multiple polls show that over 54% of the public and two-thirds of Conservative Party supporters (You Gov Poll August 2011) want to leave the EU. They may appear to be more in tune with traditional Conservatives on other policies such as immigration, grammar schools or the environment”
Rather bizarrely, Campbell Bannerman goes on to tell Tory candidates to disrupt UKIP pub meetings:
"let the pub landlord know that people attending these meetings must not be given any free food or drink as this is classified as treating”. That’ll make the difference in the Euros…

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This is what GLW had to say:

David Bannerman is a self serving, dishonest liar & cheat – well suited to EU politics.

He is still under investigation by OLAF for fraudulent abuse of public funds, along with his fellow charlatan Stuart Agnew, also an MEP, who openly admitted defrauding the public purse on behalf of UKIP to fund staff & political activities.

Derek Clarke UKIP MEP was found guilty and ordered top repay over £30,000 he had perloined as with Tom Wise UKIP MEP who stole a similar sum, with help from sometime Tory Lindsay Jenkins, and he was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

David Bannerman’s route back to the gravy train is not that assured as he is so despised by the Tories for his duplicity & corruption the present MEPs in his region have opted to stand again to try to block his duplicitous greed.

The Tories’ only hope is he has one of his lame scripts adopted as he is on record as aiming to dump politics for Hollywood if he ever had the chance!


Nuff said!

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