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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

UKIP will lose Eastleigh

Farage with another UKIP loser - Diane Martine James

How we have laughed at the usual Farage sycophants and useful idiots during the Eastleigh campaign! They claim, as usual, that UKIP is going to win their first seat in Westminster. How many times have we all heard that before?

Ms James is competent enough but she has no chance of winning. Farage knows that UKIP will fail and that's why he declined to stand himself. He simply can't face the humiliation of losing yet another Westminster election. His fragile ego won't take it. He needs praise, success and media attention. We can well remember his humiliation in Buckingham. He was almost in tears when told he'd came third to two pro- EU candidates, one of whom was an independent candidate dressed as a dolphin! LINK

Farage also claimed that he was too busy in Brussels to stand. That should tell you how far Nigel is committed to getting seats in Westminster! UKIP simply exists to win seats on the EU MEP Gravy Train for Nigel and his chums.

We actually feel sorry for Ms James. Imagine have to tolerate being surrounded by incompetents, sycophants and the brain dead - the usual happy band that Nigel likes to surround himself with.

However, we note that it appears Ms James has been less than honest when it comes to providing details of her background. See GLW - LINK. Facts given out by her and UKIP can't be confirmed and we are supposed to take their word for it. Remember UKIP's track record of lies regarding previous UKIPPERS such as Bannerman, Monckon and Andreasen? Is it any wonder that many doubt what Farage says about Ms James?

We also note that Ms James is an independent councillor. One can only wonder why she can't bring herself to become a UKIP councillor!

Her biggest gaffe during the campaign was to brand all Romanians as criminals - LINK - and her performance on Channel 4 news was less than inspired - see Dr Edmund's blog below. She comes across as a political lightweight, a useful tool for Nigel and a possible future member of the UKIP MEP Gravy Train.

Forget the sycophants! Forget the polls which claim UKIP is set to win it's first Westminster seat. UKIP will not win. They will lose. However, don't be surprised if you see Ms James suddenly appear on UKIP's MEP list.

Remember these facts:

NO MPs in Westminster.

NO members in the Welsh Assembly.

NO members in the Scottish Parliament.

NO members in the London Assembly.

NO elected mayors or police chiefs.

No members in the Northern Irish Assembly.

Directly elected councillors don't even run into three figures.

More non-members than current members.

A minuscule youth wing.

Lead by an MEP based in Brussels.

The only party to be reliant on the EU for financial survival.

Britain's third party? Don't insult our intelligence!

See Dr Edmunds blog for some interesting observations on Eastleigh: LINK

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