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Thursday, 11 April 2013

UKIP Branches and Nigel as 'Man of the People'

Nigel Farage: A big mouth, sleaze ridden and with a very little brain. Even Andrew Neil branded him a joke during a recent visit to Brussels. Such a pity that Hermann 'Luv the IRA' Kelly, UKIP press man, took it all so personally!

UKIP now claims that they have over 300 branches across the UK. So how many of these branches consist of just one man and his dog? We are well aware of more than one branch where the committee consists of just three people! One UKIPPER has told us that UKIP HQ recently told him that it was ok to form a branch that consisted of just him and his wife! He was told to do this as "it would look good to the voters and press" as it would give the impression that UKIP was growing at a tremendous rate!

And it's rather strange that the Electoral Commission list just 270 branches for the party!

We would also like to quote Barboo, who posted the following on the British Democracy Forum:

Celebration of a supposed 300 branches might be a little premature as there are still outstanding new branches to be registered. It's been a quirk of UKIP's for several years that new registrations are almost invariably accompanied by losses of existing ones, the most memorable being an occasion in 2008 when it was noted that registration of 55 new branches had been outstripped by the loss of 62 old ones, resulting in a net reduction of 7.

To put the figures in context, there were 246 registered branches in July 2005 and there are now 270. When doing random occasional checks between those dates I have added up a total of 187 newly registered branches and 163 lost branches, resulting in a net gain of 24 over nearly 8 years. If UKIP is indeed claiming now to have 300, we shall need to see another 30 appear on the Electoral Commission's website very shortly, with no losses. SEE: LINK

Nigel Farage - Man of the People!

Nigel Farage in yellow trousers, Arthur Daley coat and huge amounts of money stashed away in offshore bank accounts. A true man of the people!

How we laughed at Nigel's pathetic attempts to remake himself as a man of the people during his recent Common Sense UK tour. Sadly, it was more of a Let's Try to Hoodwink the Public into Believing that Nigel is a Nice Guy publicity stunt. The halls were intentionally packed with UKIP members. And, as you would expect, these could be relied upon to shout down those who dared question Nigel's suitability to run the country.

Even members of the media found the whole experience laughable as UKIP press office members sent out pictures of the Fuhrer - usually in a pub - in staged poses with 'members of the public' in a yet another desperate attempt to make Nigel appear 'Mr Nice'.

So would Nigel care to explain why this 'man of the people' has paid large amounts of EU money into offshore bank accounts? Would he care to explain why he's happy to make millions out of the EU, something he claims to hate? Would he care to explain why he happily sits with fascists in the EFD group? Or pay his wife to do a non-existent job for him using EU/UK tax payers money? Or how about the fact that even Mike Nattrass described him as having the morals of an alley cat? And pray do tell us all why you can't go back to Gibraltar? And what did happen to the £211,000 that 'vanished' from UKIP South East's accounts?

Nigel Farage. Living it up at your expense!


Unknown said...

As someone recently joined UKIP I found this an interesting article.

I suppose I should fly the flag, but to be honest, having been a member of the Greens and Lib Dems, I've seen councillors being elected with less active members than UKIP.

Junius said...

Thanks for your comments.