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Monday, 22 April 2013

UKIP: Jon Gaunt has been promised a lead MEP position by Farage

Looking forward to getting his snout in the EU trough!

We note that Farage has promised Jon Gaunt - ex-DJ and looking for a well-paid job - a lead MEP position in the West Midlands. So once again, the wishes of the members in that region have been ignored. Gaunt only joined UKIP in March 2013.

We also note that Farage has promised to 'purge' his MEP lists of 'undesirable' candidates prior to the lists being published. Gerard Batten is one of those now regarded by Farage as an 'undesirable'.

Farage cites the problems with Bannerman and Andreasen as the reason behind his decision to personally approve the lists. Nigel obviously hopes that UKIPPERS have a very short memory! Let us not forget that was Farage himself who rigged the selection process in two regions to ensure that both Bannerman and Andreasen were selected as MEP candidates!

Shouldn't Farage's colossal lack of judgement have been cited as the reason why he shouldn't be allowed ANYWHERE near the lists!

Of course, what Farage really means is that he wants to purge UKIP of all those candidates who can't be trusted to worship the ground he walks on. He also likes to have dirt on the favoured few as yet another way to control them. We can well remember his boast that he had 'bastard files' on his MEPs. These files contained certain facts that the MEP in question would not want widely known. In other words, keep your mouth shut or I'll leak this to the press.

Gerard Batten: Soon to be heading for the Job Centre.

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