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Friday, 6 June 2014

> Could She Make It Anymore Obvious?


UKIP leader Nigel Farage's wife was involved in an astonishing public bust-up with the woman accused of being his secret mistress.

In extraordinary scenes at a UKIP election party, furious Kirsten Farage is said to have screamed at Annabelle Fuller: "I will have security drag you out by your hair if you don't leave".
The row erupted this week at a hotel where UKIP politicians and officials had gathered to celebrate the party's success in the Euro elections.

Miss Fuller - a former UKIP spin doctor - was left in tears. Farage was later seen apologising to her at a nearby pub.

Read the original story here.

This is astonishing stuff, and yesterday's headlines, and the photos of Farage entring a hotel holding hands with a blonde, can only maker it even hotter, chez Farage.

We are aware of how much certain elements in the media are prepared to pay - the question is, will it be Anabelle or Kirsten who takes the offer? They should remember, the one who breaks ranks first will be the one who gets all that cash!

The former UKIP press officer who is boasting about what he knows can probably forget it. Its Annabelle or Kisrten they want!

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