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Thursday, 19 June 2014

> UKIP's Nazi Group


Meet the neighbours, Nigel....!

UKIP has announced that it is forming a new group in the European Parliament. As predicted, he has acted out of desperation and lurched to the right. In fact, to the sickeningly far-right. The group will include the Sweden Democrats. Lets take a little look at them, shall we?

This charming young lady is Tina Hallgren Bengtsson, member of city council for the Sweden Democrats in the town of Höör, in full Nazi regalia. Until they were banned, itwas common for people to attend in uniform during Sweden Democrat meetings. This lady subsequently left the Sweden Democrats to join the neo-Nazi National Socialist Front.

The gentleman on the left of this picture, is Ulf Ranshede, one of the founders of the Sweden Democrats. He has a conviction for inflicting grevious bodily harm on a 14 year old boy. Still, being an immigrant, Ranshede probably thought he deserved it. Ranshede would have got on well with Mario Boghezio, the obese Italian fascist who sat with UKIP until recently. He also had a conviction for assault on an immigrant child.

Although the party claims to have purged itself of skinheads, the skinhead in these pictures is Erik Almqvist, the Sweden Democrats former economic policy spokesman. He calls the man a "Paki lover", before embarking on an assault on a woman, and a drunken rampage brandishing a scaffold pole through the streets with fellow Sweden Democrat Kent Ekeroth.

This happened in 2010. In 2013 Almqvist was forced to resign his seat in parliament as a result of the outrage.

And there's more.

After the serial killer and bank robber John “the Laser Man” Ausonius shot 11 immigrants in Stockholm, the Sweden Democrats arranged a march during which participants screamed that he should have shot more foreigners.

Shortly afterwards, police arrested the leader of the party’s youth wing at a Communist May Day demonstration for possessing a hand grenade.

 “For many thousands of years, the Negro could chill out in the heat, munch some bananas, rape some passing woman or child, fight with other Negro males, and eat them,” one local Sweden Democratic politician, Per Wahlberg, wrote on his blog in September 2010.

Some months later, another local Sweden Democrat named Isak Nygren said that he opposed “race mixing” and that Swedes should not have intercourse with “Asians” or “Negroes.”

In summer 2012, local politician Pär Norling said that practicing Muslims should be deported and Islam should be banned in Sweden.

Member of parliament Stellan Bojerud, author of a book called Nazism in Sweden 1924-1945, claimed that scientific research shows that immigrants have a “lower IQ” than Swedes.

The Guardian reported that Anders Breivik had received a speaking invitation from the Sweden Democrats. After Breivik's attack, the Sweden Democrats’ press secretary quickly claimed that Islamists were responsible for the attacks.

Another notorious figure from the far-right to have received, and accepted, a speaking invite from the Sweden Democrats is Alan Lake of the English Defence League (EDL).

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