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Monday, 28 July 2014

> Joëlle Bergeron: Her fascist past & a challenge to UKIP MEPs


Ssshhh .... Don't tell anybody, but Nigel is lying

Farage's new French colleague caused quite a stir upon joining him, of course, but the line put  out by the EFD about her Front National past was (surprise surprise) highly  misleading. Quite a few reports quoted an EFD press release which said Bergeron; "has admitted that she had joined the party with great hopes but realized that  their philosophy was very different."
This implies  that she joined the FN naively but quickly left it when she discovered what it  believed in.
The idea that any French person would be unaware of the position of the FN is simply ridiculous. However, perhaps she genuinely did not notice and it took her a while to suss it out. Quite a while, in fact, as she joined the FN in 1972, the year it was founded, and became a party organizer within just a few years, at the time which the FN was at its most extremist.
In fact, she must be really stupid not to notice, as her husband was a also senior party member.
 Like her, he joined when the party was created. He was politically active in Lorient in Brittany from 1984, as a candidate in national, regional and cantonal elections. And here's the real give away - he was a member of the Front National's Central Committee from autumn 2007.
Here is an article from 2008 detailing his Front National career.

Look, I said it before, I'll say it again, we will never sit with the FN
So the press release was clearly a deliberate attempt to deceive the UKIP membership, as well as the press and the electorate.

And now we can see how desperate Farage is to be president of a pan-European political group, and how easily he can discard his moral and political values.

The question is, how the new UKIP MEPs feel about all this, and what will they do about it? Will they continue to spout the lie that Bergeron left the FN when she worked out what they were about, or will they admit that they now sit in a political group with one of Europe's longest serving and most established fascists, from one of the EU's dirtiest and mst racist parties? Or are they, to a man and a women, either too scared of Farage to say anything, and too scared to lose their jobs by doing something about it?

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