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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

> Lies from Fuller & Croucher re Nikki Sinclaire MEP


Miss Fuller confirmed today that she was planning to quit but did not comment further.
A friend said: “Annabelle thinks it is best for her and for the party that she moves on.
"Leaving is in no way an admission on her part that she has done anything wrong. But the events of the past few days have been really difficult.
"Annabelle simply wants her life back.”
We can also reveal that ex-UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire – who this week asked Farage why he used public money to pay Miss Fuller – was snubbed for the job his alleged mistress was given.
Mark Croucher, who was UKIP’s director of communications between 2001 and 2007, confirmed he interviewed her for a job in the party’s press office.
She was turned down because of her “abrasive personality” and Miss Fuller was recruited instead. UKIP insiders say it raises the prospect that Sinclaire asked her explosive question as an act of revenge.
The source said: “Nikki has never got over the fact Annabelle was chosen above her to work for the party. She is a woman scorned and that has come back to haunt Nigel this week.”
A UKIP spokesman added: “The comments by Sinclaire are beneath contempt and that person has abused parliamentary privilege. Sinclaire has been saying the same thing since 2006.”

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Greg_L-W. said...


this post first appeared as a GUEST POST some time ago, with some 'spam' attached.

I am happy to correct the self serving lies of Mark Croucher who did NOT interview Nikki Sinclaire & nor did she ever apply for the juinior position in the Press Office as Mark Croucher claims.

Further provenance of his dishonesty in many fields is easy to establish and by7 making his claim here he shows himself for a fool as he makes comments regarding Nikki Sinclaire's personality that were they true it is most unlikely UKIP would have chosen her either as their Office Manager in London, nor for a time Party Secretary nor as an MEP candidate in the Werst Midlands where she won the seat for UKIP, whilst managing Mike Nattrass' campaign also!

Annabelle Fuller is currently under investigation for serious dishonestly and theft of an MPs Blackberry, House of Commons pass & items of correspondence whilst dishonestly claiming as mittigation that the MP had sexually assaulted her, which she effectively withdrew when she took it no further!

Interestingly she has recently made3 claims of mental instability, which has been clear to all who knew her for many years!