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Monday, 13 July 2009

UK First collapses: Holdsworth, West, Petley and Belobaba resign

UK First has collapsed.

Petrina Holdsworth, John Petley, John West and Drew Belobaba have all resigned from UK First in disgust after Peter Cole took it upon himself to ignore the committee and send members a letter - all 35 of them it seems - appointing himself judge, jury and executioner.

Here are the resignation letters sent from both John West and Drew Belobaba to UK First:

It was Goodnight from her and now it's Goodnight from me!

Dear All,

I have received the letter from Peter Cole and frankly I am appalled by it.

It appears Mr Cole has made the decision to ignore the Committee and will henceforth make all the decisions himself.

HE has decided to hold an interim leadership election. HE has decided that the interim leader will choose a new interim committee and HE has decided to appoint himself returning officer.I had no idea UKFP had become a dictatorship! Should we rename UKFP the PeterColeFirstParty? Or how about Peter Cole’s Huge Bloody Ego Party?

This is totally unacceptable. There is little point in Mr Cole condemning the likes of Farage, Curtis, Reeve and Nuttall if he is prepared to copy their methods and resort to the same dirty tricks.

But should we be surprised at this latest development? Sadly no.

Mr Cole has been acting like a petulant child for weeks. When Drew kindly put forward a proposed agenda Peter Cole had a temper tantrum and sent the Committee a resignation email. In this email he said he was taking the website domain names with him. And all because Drew had proposed an agenda for a meeting that did not meet with Mr Cole‘s approval!

Mr Cole refuses to give details of the current membership (last I heard it was 35) and also refuses to accept my position on the Committee. And this is despite my appointment being agreed by all those who took part in the last telephone conference, including Bruce Lawson who proposed me.

Bruce Lawson is sadly little better. He ignores emails (another John Whittaker in the making) and seems to have vanished off the face of the planet. Since the election UK First has done nothing. Bruce could not even be bothered to make a statement on the UKFP website about the EU election results.

We have already lost more than one important supporter due to Bruce’s total apathy. And losing John Petley and Petrina Holdsworth now means UKFP South East is dead and buried.

Thanks Peter and Bruce. Any more bright ideas? Or is that what you wanted?

I wanted UKFP to fight Norwich North but Bruce could not even be bothered to reply to my emails.

He sends me a letter apologising for changing the MEP list without the consent of Robin or myself ( Peter and Bruce thought Robin would get in. When they found out Robin was only going to do a year and then step down in favour of me they quickly moved Peter up to number two. Perhaps Peter needs the money!) but then within days he starts phoning people up and attacking me.

Make your mind up Bruce!

I am afraid I can’t continue to support a party that is happy to allow Bruce Lawson or Peter Cole to hold positions of authority.

I am afraid UK First is doomed to suffer a slow lingering death. Such a shame. Nigel Farage must be laughing over there in Brussels!

Please accept my resignation from UK First and please remove all my details from your website. I will, of course, be removing all UK First data from my UK First blog.

Goodbye and see you round the clubs as George Harrison used to say. And for those of you too young to remember George was a Beatle.

John Leslie West

Dear everyone

I have just arrived back from Gibraltar to find an interesting letter in the post and a very depressing series of emails in my inbox.

It seems that Peter Cole is intent on running the party as his own personal little dictatorship. By accident or by design, Bruce Lawson is allowing him to do so.

I have always believed that when you join a political party you check your ego at the door and do you damndest to get along with other members, no matter how difficult they may be. Obviously there are several people in the party who do not subscribe to that view.

I thought that UK First had tremendous potential following our successful election results. However some people seem intent on turning it into their own little fiefdom instead of putting aside the past and working for the future.

Frankly I have better things to do in my life than to waste my time promoting what is rapidly turning into another little vanity party for a few people with delusions of political grandeur.

I therefore have decided to join the rapidly growing list of ex-UKF members (Petrina, John W and John P) and resign from the UKF Consensus Committee. I also resign my membership in the party. I would be much obliged if in the future I do not receive any communications from UKF.

Kind regards

Drew Belobaba

End of letters.

Sadly, Peter Cole's ego has destroyed UK First. He is now in charge of a party without talent, money or members. The man is a fool!

For more information on this sorry saga see: LINK

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