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Thursday, 9 July 2009

UKIP airbrush Dr Edmond out of their history

More from Dr Edmond:

I have never belonged to any other political party other than UKIP. I joined because I wanted to get our country back for our children. From my time in the civil service I already knew how conventional political parties operated and how self seeking and venal our so called political leaders were. Me first, party next, country last, sums up their attitude and values. There is only thing politicians care about, getting re-elected and keeping their membership of the best club in London.

I joined UKIP in the hope it was free from the corruption and sleaze endemic in the main parties. At the local level I found it was. Members were there for our cause and were honest, decent and caring. I was asked by Trevor Colman after some comments I made at a meeting he addressed to come to the regional meetings and help organise opposition to post office closures in rural areas. At these meetings I met Alan Wood, a UKIP district councillor who sadly lost his seat on 4th June, and together we worked on parish polls and then moved on to help organising Westminster constituency wide polls against the Lisbon Treaty in both Jim Murphy's seat in East Renfrewshire and Gordon Brown's seat in Dunfermline. Trevor did brilliantly with his parish polls and our constituency wide polls idea was picked up by the Democracy Movement who financed and ran these polls in 10 key Westminster Seats. The results showed how overwhelming was the opposition to Lisbon in the UK and got a lot of publicity.

These were great grass roots campaigns but at the end of it I was left wondering where was Nigel Farage? I soon found out. I was asked to stand for the NEC by Malcolm Wood as the South West, the region with the largest UKIP membership in the country had no NEC representation. I offered to stand down in favour of David Bendall the other SW candidate but this was refused and no one was more surprised than me when I was elected. I attended my first NEC meeting on Monday 7th April 2008 where I met Nigel Farage and his ruling NEC cabal. It was immediately apparent the only independent NEC members were me, David Abbott and Del Young and that the remainder were just a rubber stamp for Farage. UKIP was just another typical UK political party owned by its leadership!

I even had Mr Gill tell me that Nigel Farage was UKIP's greatest asset, a view I told him I could not agree with.

UKIP's leadership were just like all other UK politicians, only interested in getting themselves re-elected. They had done nothing in the UK to oppose the Lisbon Treaty. I heard about all the wonderful committee work they had done in Brussels committees and in Ireland where they had jumped on the Ganley bandwagon but in the UK not one thing! It seemed to come as news to several NEC members that the Lisbon Treaty was going through a Lords committee stage!

I was shocked and disappointed to find UKIP no different from all the other UKP parties but I determined to soldier on. I and David Abbott were then subject to a series of smears and dirty tricks ending in our expulsion from the NEC. Like our corrupt MPs the cabal's defence was they have acted within the rules and who cares about the ethics or morality of expelling democratically elected representatives. The cabal does not do ethics or morality only self interest!

I went on supporting UKIP as best I could given the cabal's efforts to silence me. At the behest of Ian Proctor in early December I recorded 3 videos for use during the election campagn including one entitled "Why vote UKIP". These were done unscripted as test pieces and videoed excellently by Doug Dawson but were deemed good enough to be posted on the SW UKIP web site where they attracted around 700 hits. I went on to look at my efforts in early May and found my support for UKIP video had disappeared! No one I asked knew who had done this. It must have been the fairies and I could have a good guess at which fairy it was!

I had taken the precaution of copying from YouTube this video. The quality is not as good as the original but to any who say I did not support UKIP please click on the link below:

Why you should vote UKIP

This video exposes the lies and smears that have been told about me opposing UKIP. I only ever supported UKIP! Its removal shows how there are those in UKIP's ruling cabal who wish to erase and rewrite history as in Orwell's classics, 1984 and Animal Farm. I can only ascribe its removal to UKIP's cabal's blind hatred and petty spite. It was a video that could only have helped UKIP's cause. View it and judge for yourself!

I still stand for what I wrote in my election address last year:

Eric Edmond Election Address

I hope all UKIP MEPs will support my pledges but I doubt they will.

The other two videos I recorded in early Dec 08 on why the Euro will eventually fail and the UK government run out of money. I post for the record.

Eurozone Problems

UK Govt is Running Out of Money

To view the original: LINK

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