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Saturday, 25 July 2009

UKIP flop in Norwich North

Forget all the usual spin about how well UKIP did in Norwich North. The result was way below the leadership’s expectations.

The leadership of UKIP were confident that Glenn Tingle would come second or even take the seat. Tingle even gave up his job as he expected to win!

Peter Reeve - UKIP thug and Regional Organiser for the Eastern Region - made himself look VERY stupid by telling activists that Glenn Tingle would become UKIP’s first elected MP. Following this gaffe it was no surprise to see him looking despondently into his glass of beer while Chloe Smith gave dozens of victory interviews to the media.

UKIP’s leadership brought in activists from across the country, handed out posters and leaflets and even persuaded a handful of their MEPs to make a few lightning visits to the city. Even Farage managed to tear himself away from the arms of Annabelle Fuller and turned up a couple of times!

It is interesting to note that the rest of UKIP’s MEPs could not be bothered to help Mr Tingle. Clearly the good life in Brussels means more to them than winning seats in the UK Parliament.

But despite all their efforts UKIP still only managed to get just over 11% of the vote and couldn’t even beat the pro -EU Lib Dems.

UKIP is still regarded as a one issue party. They are simply not seen as a viable alternative to the old party system. But should we be surprised?

UKIP’s ‘lend us your vote’ slogan hardly helps matters. This just sends out a message that Farage and UKIP are not serious about winning power in their own right.

UKIP exists solely to keep Farage and his sycophants on the EU Gravy Train. That is why he always pulls out all the stops for the Euro elections. The fact that a large number of his MEPs and officials could not even be bothered to help Mr Tingle proves this beyond any doubt. If UKIP was truly committed to winning power at Westminster they would have had ALL their MEPs and officials campaigning in Norwich right up to the last day of the election.

Dr David Abbott - former UKIP NEC member and activist - spoke for many when he said:

Who but a real patriot would want to trudge round wet and windy Norwich when the comfortable bars and restaurants of the continent are so tempting?

As you point out real patriots are in short supply among the UKIP leadership. Being an MEP is itself the lucrative goal for most of them. And when Britain leaves the EU, the pay checks and privileges will end.

So UKIP leadership would risk its lifestyle by winning Westminster elections.

At the next General Election UKIP will not win any seats.

Conservative - 13591 (39.5%)
Labour - 6243 (18.2%)
Liberal 'Democrat' - 4803 (14.0%)
UKIP - 4068 (11.8%)
Green - 3350 (9.7%)
Murray - 953 (2.8%)
BNP - 941 (2.7%)
Libertarian - 36 (0.1%)
Ind B 0 - 23 (0.1%)
Ind H - 166 (0.5%)
OMRLP - 144 (0.4%)
NOTA - 59 (0.2%)

Conservative majority - 7348 (21.4%)


Henry North London said...

Libertarian please 36

Or put his name Thomas Burridge

he'll be standing again next year

Greg L-W. said...

May I remind The BBC we fund them by paying a levy tax & TheEU gives The BBC £140,000,000 a year and subsidises studios etc. to deliver pro EU propaganda. NOT a part of the BBC ROYAL Charter.

It is clear that the peoples of these United Kingdoms want a referendum on The Lisbon Constitution, have little trust in the propaganda of anthropomorphised global warming & climate change as a source of tax revenue, in polls a clear majority of the electorate wish to leave the EU and to be more specific when under 18% of the electorate voted for the winner in Norwich North & the votes cast for the various tiddler parties outstripped the winner.

How can the BBC morally continue in its attempts to corrupt the truth?

Each year we have flu outbreaks which leads on average to 1 death per 1,000 'victims', yet The BBC makes no mention of the aim to use an experimental vaccine with well known & sometimes fatal side effects - yet Swine Flue gives rise to 1 death per 4,000.


Greg L-W.

Read more: http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/debate/article-1202235/CRAIG-MURRAY-I-worst-election-candidate-history--result-losers.html#ixzz0MOqSPo7T

Junius said...

Henry, Thanks for pointing out the error.