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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

UKIP: It just gets worse! EFD MEP questioned by Police

UKIP MEPs are quietly fuming over the latest piece of news: it seems that Farage has decided to employ a lawyer in Brussels. Not much, if anything, is known of him, other than that he is a Tory. Now there is a real surprise. Michael the lawyer will, we are told, be turning up for his money real soon. He may actually find that, apart from handling the legal aspects of the formation of Farage's new pan European party, he will have some damage limitation work to do.

Junius has learned that a certain Danish MEP has been questioned by the police in connection with 'Serious Racial Offences'. Also questioned, were alleged former members of the Neo-Nazi terrorist group, C18. At this point, we do not know if this relates to recent incidents.

Readers will be aware that a Danish member of the EFD, UKIP's group in the European parliament, has previously received a prison sentence for 'racial offences'. He was later forced to resign his job after being caught 'Heiling Hitler' in a Copenhagen bar. C18 takes its name from the 1st and 8th letters of the alphabet; A and H, the initials of Adolf Hitler.

Danish C18 activists were implicated when letter bombs were sent to prominent British black people, including the great athlete Daley Thompson. Details are still sketchy, but Farage has been warned about this group, and some of the filthy racists and homophobes his MEPs must sit with in order to help him further his career in the EU.

The only decent thing to do now, in the light of this latest twist, and in the name of decency, is to suspend the group pending an enquiry.

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