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Saturday, 9 January 2010

UKIP: Membership in revolt over Duffy appointment

It seems Farage may have finally overstepped the mark when he decided to appoint Lisa 'scruffy' Duffy as CEO of UKIP.

After viewing the UKIP members only forum we were amused to note that there were 15 pages devoted to her appointment. The members are far from happy!

And who can blame them?

Under her 'leadership' UKIP's youth wing has all but collapsed. Membership is less than a hundred and falling. Indeed, her commitment to YI is so great that she couldn't even be bothered to reply to those YI members who emailed or phoned her with ideas such as how to boost support for the group!

But it does not end there. She has missed several NEC meetings much to the annoyance of several colleagues.

And yet despite this she has been given one of the most important jobs in UKIP!

But will the NEC ratify her appointment? They are treading on very thin ice as more than one UKIP MEP is against her appointment on the grounds that she is incompetent.

So what 'qualities' does she bring to the job? The answer is simple - her eagerness to support the lies and dishonesty of Nigel Farage, David Bannerman and the rest of the cabal.

Not bothering to turn up to meetings seems to run in the Duffy family. Her partner - Peter Reeve - is a governor at Ramsey Junior School in Cambridgeshire. His commitment to the school is SO great that he can't even be bothered to attend meetings or send his apologies. His fellow governors are far from impressed and some feel that he is simply using the school in order to raise his political profile in the area.

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