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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

UKIP: Derek Clark fails to show

Some serious issues were discussed today in Brussels relating to pension rights and employment within the single market. The EU seeks further control and harmonisation in these matters, and it is important that UKIP MEPs are present to at least attempt to block any initiative that threatens our national well-being. Debate took place in the vital employment committee, which sadly means that UKIP were not able to represent British interests, as its member on that committee is Derek Clark.

Clark is not particularly bright, and not at all politically astute.

Decisions, Derek, are taken by the people who turn up. You did not. So stop complaining about the EU meddling in our affairs, when you, who was elected to fight for British interests as a UKIP MEP do not even bother to turn up for work.

Derek Clark fails UKIP by allowing the East Midlands region to fall into disrepair. He fails the electorate by doing the job he is paid a salary to do.

British interests suffered today in the employment committee. What is your excuse, Derek, for failing to turn up and do the job you are paid for? Perhaps it is simply that you do not understand what is going on?

Derek Clark should resign his seat and give it to somebody who turns up for work.


Anonymous said...

Just your luck that Mr Clark was not in attendence because he was unwell!

Do you like eating Humble Pie?

Goes great with custard!

Greg_L-W. said...


wasn't that Junius' point that having a geriatric old duffer with failing health is hardly apposite?

That Derek Clark is still on the make and the take yet has done absoluterly nothing of value seems of no interest to UKIP - but then again they all seem to be as corrupt and self serving as eachother - a dishonourable and duplicitous bunch of nere do well racist, anti Jewish trash without leadership, morality, ethics or integrity.

Derek Clark betrayed his associates, betrayed his supporters, betrayed his electorate and betrayed Britain - the man even boasted of how he was defrauding the EU for his own gain in a public meeting.

Derek Clark was also under investigation for defrauding the tax payer buy OLAF..

I do take issue with Junius over the claim he was elected to represent Britain in The EU - this is untrue.

UKIP MEPs were elected to campaign to get Britain OUT of the EU and expose the corruption in the EU not fill their bank accounts and get in on the fiddles having gone native whilst helping fund racism, anti Judaism, political violence, xenophobia and sexual intollerance in cahoots with holocaust deniers and Nazi supporters - The EFD!

At least Nikki Sinclaire & Mike Nattrass are upholding the principles of UKIP despite the lies, bullying and abuse from Farage and his parasites. I gather to try to look fair Nattrass has been ordered to apear before the NEC having told Steve Crowther to sling his hook!

It does look, from the results, as if Derek Clark has all but totally trashed the East Midlands Region with his dividive utter incompetence and his drunken REGIONAL ORGANISER.

Ms. Philips may I suggest you stay off the custard and stick with the Humble Pie!