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Sunday, 9 January 2011

UKIP: The hypocrisy of the odious Paul Nuttall

The odious Paul Nuttall – friend and colleague of fascists and UKIP’s wannabe Mussolini – has once again been exposed as the second biggest hypocrite in UKIP.

Nuttall, in a recent speech in the EU Parliament, mocked EU bureaucrats by suggesting that a green fund – funded in part by the British taxpayer - would be used by corrupt third world dictators to buy expensive cars.

But has UKIP's very own Benito forgotten how he was more than happy to use his EU wages – funded by the British taxpayer – to buy an expensive gas guzzling Land Rover Discovery?

Don’t condemn others for something that you are more than happy to do yourself! Your lavish MEP lifestyle is funded by the British taxpayer. And why would you want to give that up by leaving the EU Gravy Train? Turkeys NEVER vote for Christmas!

Here is our original coverage of the story:

The odious Paul Benito Nuttall is certainly making good use of British taxpayers money!

From The Liverpool Daily Post:

Picture the scene. I'm driving Islington yesterday and notice in front of me a big Land Rover Discovery.

It's all black with tinted windows. Then I notice the number plate EU06 0UT.

At the next set of lights I pull up and there is none other than UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall in the driving seat.

So while Liberal Democrat Colin Eldridge wears his parliamentary ambition on his sleeves, Mr Nuttall displays his politics on his plate.

Depressed said:

What a great use of his MEP salary. How reassuring to know he is our voice in Europe - not. A compelling argument if ever there was one against a PR voting system.



To see the original: LINK

And how is Aurelie 'Morlock' Laloux. Are you still bonking her behind your partner’s back?


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