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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

UKIP: Paul Nuttall is NOT a fit person to represent the people Of Oldham

Paul Nuttall: Friend and colleague of fascists in the EFD

A few Nuttall facts:

UKIP’s wannabe Mussolini has upset many members due to his arrogance, willingness to lie and, above all, his bullying nature. Several UKIP branch chairman in the NW have resigned because of this. See: LINK

He has one of the worst attendance records of any UKIP MEP. See: LINK

He claims to hate the EU but is more than happy to use his MEP salary to fund a lavish lifestyle at the taxpayers expense. See: LINK

He has declined to provide a FULL audit of his MEP accounts.

He forced PPCs with criminal convictions onto branches. See: LINK

He listed phantom branches on UKIP’s official website to give the impression that UKIP NW is a thriving region. See: LINK

Nuttall and McManus sought to remove Gregg Beaman as UKIP’s lead MEP candidate by fabricating lies about him. See: LINK

He supported Farage’s attempts to give him dictatorial powers to remove so-called dissidents from the party. See: LINK

He supports the suppression of free speech in UKIP. He tried to close down the UKIP Members Forum because UKIPPERS were raising concerns about corruption in the party. See: LINK

He supported the removal of democratically elected members - Dr Eric Edmond and Dr David Abbott - from UKIP’s NEC. Their only crime was to raise concerns about corruption in UKIP. See: LINK

He kicked Del Young out of UKIP after claiming that Mr Young was a member of UK First. He wasn't. See: LINK

He was first appointed UKIP national chairman in total disregard of the membership who were not even consulted about his appointment.

He colluded in the rigging of UKIP's MEP selection process. Piers Merchant - UKIP's Returning Officer - gave him a copy of his report on the MEP selection process. In this report it was clearly stated that the process had been corrupted. Nuttall ignored it.

He wilfully ignored the Data Protection Act by refusing to comply with John West's data request. He was finally forced to comply with the Act after the ICO found in Mr West's favour. See: LINK

In Brussels and Strasbourg he is happy to sit with EFD fascists and racists and yet he has the nerve to attack the BNP! See: LINK

Here are some examples:

True Finns.

Timo Soini MEP is the leader of the Finnish Perussuomalaiset (True Finns) Party, and sits in the EFD group. Soini wants to restrict entry to Finland for foreigners, and has called for legislation to force those already in the country to integrate.

Describing itself as "populist", the True Finns has its roots in agrarian politics, and is anti-capitalist. Its mix of "back to the soil" agrarianism, populism, and militaristic nationalism has led some observers to categorise the party as National Socialist.

In April 2009, all the leaders of Finland's political parties signed a declaration which condemned racism. Only Soini refused to sign. The party also believes homosexuality to be an "aberration". Finnish celebrity Teuvo Loman complained to police about a Facebook site, called "Lets beat Teuvo Straight", set up by a True Finnsmcandidate for Urjala municipal council elections. The site allegedly promoted violence against Loman.

In December 2006, True Finn councillor Jussi Halla-aho caused a controversy when he published the following comments as part of a discussion about immigrants and rape: “The number of rapes will increase in any case. Therefore, as more and more women will undoubtedly get raped, I sincerely hope that at least the right women, the green-leftist reformers and their voters, will find themselves in the clutches of the rapists, who randomly select their victims. Rather them than anyone else. With people like that nothing else works, except when their own multiculturalist views turn against them.” Halla-aho, who describes asylum seekers as "parasites", has been charged with hate crimes.

Dutch Reformed Political Party

Bastiaan Belder MEP represents the Reformed Party in the EFD group. The party is Calvinist, and traditionally opposed female suffrage, only allowing women to join the party as recently as 2006.

The party was founded by Gerrit Hendrik Kersten in 1918. During the Second World War, Kersten cooperated with the Nazis, denouncing resistance against them claiming that they had been sent by God. He also refused to sign a 1941 protest of the convent of Dutch churches against the persecution of Jews during the war. After the war, he was banned from the Dutch parliament.

And let us not forget the odious Nuttall supports kangaroo courts and witch-hunts conducted against all those members who dare to question Farage’s leadership. He fully approved the decision to ban Nikki Sinclaire from standing as a UKIP PPC in the General Election. And her crime? She didn't want to sit with fascists in the EFD Group. See: LINK

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To be fair Junius, Mr Nuttall is fee is to use his MEP salary any way he chooses.

You say he lives a lavish lifestyle, but then maybe, so do other MEP's whom you approve of lead the same lifestyle.

One cannot dictate how an MEP or MP for that matter, chooses to spend their salary.

Let's be clear here, ALL MEP's earn a lot of money.

Love or hate the EU all MEP's get paid a lot for working for an organisation they claim to love, or claim to hate.

Hard to hate those that pay you so well, don't you think!