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Thursday, 5 July 2012

UKIP: Derek Clark - A Waste of Taxpayer's Money!

Derek Clark - A Waste of Taxpayer's Money!

An important vote took place today in the European Parliament's Employment Committee. An amended Regulation on laying down 'common provisions' on a number of major EU funds - Regional Development, Social Funds, the Cohesion Fund, etc - which gives more power to the European Commission in the area of what are known as 'delegated acts' went before the committee members.

The opinion on the amended regulation was passed by the Committee.

If that all sounds a bit daunting to you, it clearly was also the case for UKIP's man on this committee, Derek Clark. He failed to vote against it. To his credit, Johnny No Mates as he is known (he is never seen in the company of other MEPs) managed to stay awake throughout the proceedings. And he was somewhat hampered in his work by the fact that he had no voting list to rely on to tell him what to do.

In fact, it was clear that he had no idea at all what was going on, as is usually the case. How exactly does this get Britain out of the EU? And we wonder why UKIP is not taken seriously!

UKIP is now clearly unfit for purpose. Gerard Batten now thinks that British courts meet in secret, and he thinks that the European Parliament is the proper place to complain about the lawful arrest of a serial tax dodger. Has he forgotten that he is supposed to be campaigning against the EU, not going running to it to complain when one of his barmy chums gets nicked for an offence?

Stuart Agnoid is backing EU farming subsidies - based on the fact that he gets them himself, although he doesn't like subsidies for organic farmers because he isn't one, and so he doesn't qualify for those.

The future Tory peer Lord Farage of Bromley has edged closer and closer to the front of the parliamentary chamber so he can almost reach out and touch Barroso and Van Rompuy. Possibly this is a wise move, as it gets him further away from his own MEPs and the smell of linament.

Godfrey Bloom has decided that the best thing to do is to stay hammered, and simply don't turn up for anything.

The King of Dartmoor remains bonkers, talks to himself in the street, and hangs out with Tory MEPs.

The Martyr has isolated herself, and no longer sits as part of the UKIP delegation (although we are not supposed to know that).

What an absolute waste of taxpayer's millions these clowns have become!

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