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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

UKIP: Farage squirms!

Having been attacked over his broken pledge to publish his accounts by Andrew Neill on the Politics Show, Farage looked like a drowning man thrown a lifeline when Neill mentioned Paul Nuttall's failure to publish his own accounts. "Paul Nuttall needs to get his house in order" declared a visibly relieved Fuhrer, delighted that he was out of the gunsight. Or so he thought.

Farage blustered, and fell over his words. He was clearly up against the ropes. 

Just as he tried to switch attention to Nuttall, so he will now seek to throw an MEP or two to the media wolves in order to save his own worthless hide. Who will it be? Batten? Nattrass? Clarke? Dartmouth? Maybe he will turn on his accountant, who after all was introduced to UKIP by Ashley Mote?

Watch the little s**t squirm now!

1 comment:

Jim said...

He may be squirming more tomorrow (Fri 09 Nov), for some bizarre reason he thinks its a good idea to go on HIGNFY.

I think there is a train wreck coming