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Friday, 28 December 2012

UKIP Civil War: Marta Andreason v Neil Hamilton!

It would appear that disgraced former MP Neil Hamilton is threatening Marta Andreason!

Dear Marta,

Your e-mail about MEP selection, apparently sent to SE UKIP members, contains a false and defamatory statement about me and Christine:

"While we learn about this selection procedure we are also hearing rumours about ....the Hamiltons having already been given top positions on the list in....... the South West."

Firstly, Christine has no intention whatever of being a candidate in any elections.

Secondly, it is completely untrue that either of us has been 'given top positions on the list in the...South West."

I should be grateful to know why you have chosen to spread false rumours about Christine and me, without either identifying your source or having the courtesy to check the facts with either of us.

As you may know, I am a barrister by profession and a very experienced libel litigant. Your e-mail is defamatory and damaging to Christine and my reputations both within and beyond UKIP in its implication that we would countenance (still less be complicit in) any manipulation of the selection process for our own personal advantage.

Please identify

(1) the source of the 'rumours' to which you refer;
(2) who made the alleged offer of top positions on the SW list and
(3) where, when and by what means such alleged offer was made;
(4) Please also supply me with a list of every recipient of the e-mail containing the false statement of which we complain.

Unless you can answer the above questions to our satisfaction, we require you immediately by e-mail to apologise and retract your false statements about us.

We also require you to send an apology and retraction (in terms to be agreed with me) to all recipents of the offending e-mail. You should also warn them that if they, in turn, repeat your false statements, they would also be exposing themselves to the threat of legal action.

I am copying this e-mail to the Party Chairman and Party Secretary for obvious reasons.
Yours sincerely,

Neil H

Dear Members,

I have received the email ABOVE from Mr. Neil Hamilton which is self-explanatory.

He asks for apology and retraction: Well, the fact is that I heard the rumours I mentioned in my prior email. However I did not refer to the veracity of the rumours as I cannot verify if they are true or not, nor did I intend to portray them as true. I just wanted to point out how they became more credible to me when I learned about the new selection process. Whilst the rumours are in the public domain, I have not found any rebuttal from any of the parties mentioned.

Furthermore Mr. Neil Hamilton establishes a link which I did not certainly raise in my email when he refers to " its implication that we would countenance (still less be complicit in) any manipulation of the selection process for our own personal advantage". I have to say that I was not aware of his or his wife's involvement in the make over of the MEP selection process when I wrote the email to you. I was told NEC members wanting to stand as MEP would not be involved in defining the selection process or any part of it. I now feel I might have been misinformed.

Overall I feel that Neil´s email is an attempt to deflect from the points that I was making in mine. He has not referred at all to the proposed gagging of MEPs in flagrant disregard for the terms of their mandate. Nor has he attempted to rebuff the claim that the now highly centralised NEC and the party leader have taken over the placement of candidates on the list in something that I have to say really resembles a totalitarian party.

Please note his warning to you, the recipients of my email, at the end of his message.

In any case I think it is disgraceful that as an elected representative of the British people I am threatened in such a way following a communication to my voters and UKIP executive should not tolerate this behaviour....but, in this respect, I only get silence from that corner.

While you will now hear that the procedure I forwarded to you in regards MEP selection is " only a draft" for discussion...to be modified...inaccurate, etc., the fact is that if I had not made you aware the decision would have been taken in the next few days and be presented to all of us as a "fait accompli".

Clearly, with the new party constitution, the decision on who will eventually become a UKIP MEP in 2014 has been left in the hands of the Party Leader, which is very different from saying that it is in the hands of the Party (its members). And there lies the problem.

Best wishes
Marta Andreasen MEP


Unknown said...

Well we know about Hamilton's experience in the Libel courts. Hasn't he lost or had to settle every action he has taken.

Marta Andreasen goes up in my esteem by her robust reply.

Unknown said...

Well we know about Hamilton's experience in the Libel courts. Hasn't he lost or had to settle every action he has taken.

Marta Andreasen goes up in my esteem by her robust reply.

mitch10 said...

A great quote for the coming new year. Let’s start thinking more of others and less of ourselves. Nice post.

Greg_L-W. said...

A lack of clear & competent leadership, lack of vision, lack of strategy, lack of tactics and lack of training in any organisation will inevitably lead to self interest and internecine squabbling.

UKIP is now different!

When you add to this greed and low caliber failures from other areas & parties the recipe is likely to destroy the organisation.

UKIP has consistently failed in domestic elections with a mere 3% of the electorate voting for them in the last 12 by elections.

Polls are no more than a sales scam by marketing organisations and widely vary due to the demography of those polled and the exact question asked.\

UKIP WILL reflect well mid term when the incumbents of government have the unpleasant task of trying to make good the 13 unlucky years of criminal profligacy, dishonest war crimes and economic illiteracy left us by the self enriching theives in Labour.

When a Government without a majority is timorously failing to make the harsh cuts essential for survival it is a moment at which there is a window of opportunity for irresponsible populism to be grasped by scoundrels & the self serving at the expense of both our Country & our peoples.

You will note the rise to 15% of UKIP ion one of the polls but there has never been any sign of this converting to the ballot box - it is a statement of protest at such a time!

Polls reflect 'polls' and little else as the odious rascal Neil Kinnock discovered!

It is not just the well recorded corruption of UKIP leadership, nor the racist and anti homosexual positions which they support but a lack of leadership which will destroy UKIP's prospects and the squabbling to stand in well bribed comfort on the corpse, as typified in Team Junius' blog above.


dp said...

I am bitterly disappointed that infighting is part of UKIP. I do not understand all that goes on but why do people have to fight when we are supposed to be on the same side. The latest revelation with Marta going to the Conservatives fills me with disdain.