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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

UKIP: An NEC member on Sir Patrick Moore, David Bannerman and Nigel Farage

The following e-mail was sent by a member of the UKIP NEC, and it concerns Nigel Farage's response to the news that Sir Patrick Moore had signed DCB's nomination papers when he stood against Farage in the party leadership contest.

It rells us a lot about Farage, and the dynamics behind the scenes in this shoddy little party:

Please let us get this right. I am still disgusted with this business even now.

So here it is in detail.
What happened was DCB asked to meet Patrick because, he said, he had met him at his school when he came to give a talk, years previously. I said I would arrange it sometime, and consequently DCB came and stayed here at my house for a couple of days. I took him to visit Patrick and it was whilst we were there talking about this and that, when effectively out of the blue DCB asked Patrick if he would support him in the leadership contest. When Patrick said he would, he then asked if he would sign his nomination papers. Patrick again agreed. I should point out Patrick was (I put is and had to change it) so generous he agreed straight away without even thinking about it. I had nothing to do with this, which little scenario, unfolded before my eyes.

When the nomination papers were published, Nigel Farage went ape-s ** - claiming Patrick had already agreed to support him with his signing of nominations for leadership (he hadn't actually to my knowledge anyway, and only based this assertion on Patrick supporting previously when it was he who asked Patrick first) and demanding to know from all and sundry including me, firstly via his acolyte Ray Finch (in a quite bizarre conversation something like the Spanish Inquisition) then later himself how dare I go and get Patrick to sign DCBs papers. In point of fact as I relate above I had nothing to do with it. He was hopping mad at DCB getting in first and asking and his not doing it.

The only 'help' DCB had from me was arranging for him to visit Patrick - which I have done for dozens of people who asked.

I now suspect strongly that businesss of getting signatures for leadership election nomination was the main reason DCB wanted to meet Patrick with a view to asking him for that support - not as he said, to just visit him because he admired him and wanted to meet him again after the school visit all those years ago.

That, I assure you, had never occurred to me.
Farage got Ray Finch who I believe works for him to go around to Patricks straight away when he found out, and more or less demanded Patrick support him too. Patrick could not go back on his word having already signed papers for DCB, so Finch got Patrick to agree to making a statement of how wonderful he thought Nigel Farage was, and how he was an excellent leader before would make a good leader again .. or words to that effect. That was subsequently published as part of the statements of the candidates for Nigel Farage.

Patrick was so disgusted with the whole business of being manipulated in such a cavalier way he very nearly resigned from UKIP there and then. I begged him not to and am glad he did not.
That is the truth of it for everyone to know.


Sean O'Hare said...

It seems a shame that no one comments on your blog anymore so I will, but only to ask you a fundamental question. I own up that I am an ex-Tory that joined UKIP just under two years ago. :

As I read it you are desperate to get the UK out of the EU, are probably ex UKIP and left after a dispute with the leadership. Right so far? Ok, you weren't the first and you almost certainly won't be the last to do that!

Many others have fallen out with the UKIP leadership - a few of them now quite influential bloggers. Quite a few Tories have fallen out with Cameron over the EU, but they don't spill the sort of bile that I read on your site. Anyway my question is:

What possible gain is there for you in attempting to destroy the one and only political party that stands any chance being influential enough to get us the in/out referendum we need?

The Tories are obviously running scared of UKIP at the moment and may just bow to pressure from their backbenches, due entirely to the threat from UKIP to grant us that opportunity. Do you really want to queer that pitch?

Greg_L-W. said...


what on earth hasd UKIP EVER done towards getting an IN/OUT Referendum - their only effort was to talk about a petition where it does look pretty convincingly as if they stole £1/4Million from the public purse and trousered it as no accounts were ever produced and nor was any petition ever presented!

UKIP has had absolutely no part in campaigning for an IN/OUT Referendum beyond seeking to sabotage the ONLY realistic effort ever made.

Sean O'Hare - you do seem to publish some astonishing garbage on the internet based on seemingly a complete lack of factual knowledge.