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Saturday, 2 March 2013

UKIP: More on Eastleigh

UKIP: Still without a single MP

And yet still Nigel's useful idiots claim that Eastleigh was a victory! So losing is now a victory according to the UKIP dictionary!

Consider these facts, facts that the sycophants and useful idiots would rather ignore:

UKIP lost to the pro-EU candidate of a pro-EU party. So much for Farage's claim that UKIP had replaced the Lib-Dems as Britiain's third party!

The vote in Eastleigh was 69.3% at the last General Election. This had dropped to 52.8% on Thursday. So much for UKIP's claim to appeal to those who feel let down by the main party system!!

There were ten other smaller parties standing, including Elvis Loves Pets and the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party, which collectively claimed 2,056 votes. So that's over 2000 voters who declined to take up Nigel's offer to trust UKIP and reject the rest.

The Lib-Dems got 13,342 votes. That's just 17% of the electorate in Eastleigh. UKIP managed to persuade just 14.8 of the electorate to back them on Thursday. Hardly a mandate!

After 20 years, UKIP still remains in the political wasteland thanks to the incompetence of Nigel Farage. A 'great victory' for UKIP? Don't make us laugh!

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