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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

UKIP's Annabelle Fuller on Diane James, Lisa Duffy and Steve Crowther

'An utter bitch'. Annabelle Fuller on Diane James

How Miss Fuller will regret the day that was indiscreet enough to send some rather nasty emails about UKIP's Star of Eastleigh, Diane James. And how she will regret mentioning Nigel's desire to give Ms James the order of the boot!

Ms Fuller has long been a liability to UKIP. She's been sacked from various jobs, loses videos in Morocco, exposed in the media as a collector of blackberry phones 'borrowed' from an MP, laughed at across the web and generally regarded - even by Farage himself - as a bloody millsone round the Fuhrer's neck.

But Farage can't ditch her because she knows too much ......doesn't she, Nigel! A national newspaper even offered her a substantial sum to kiss and tell. Sadly, she told the Great Leader and he offered her more to keep quiet! Why do you think she's back on the UKIP payroll as Nigel's 'PA'. And we do mean personal!

Anyway, we at Team Junius, along with GLW,  have been reading with interest a series of emails sent by Ms Fuller to certain people - including our old friend Wolfman McGough - regarding Lisa Duffy, Steve Crowther and Diane James.

We have the screen shots, as does GLW, but we will both be holding these back until the weekend. This is being done as certain other interested parties may wish to give them a wider audience.

But here are the transcripts to wet your appetite!

Email dated 10/2/13. Sent to Sean Howlett, Steven Woolfe, Wolfman McGough and David Coburn.

I understand from the man who knows best we've been lumbered with an utter bitch who is Marta Mk 2.

It's down to you chaps to stop us having to work with an idiot and getting a bad result in this election....

Second email. Dated 10/3. Sent by Sean Howlett. Replying to Ms Fuller:

Just call Mick and say you are coming to him expressing your concerns etc, etc. I can't ask him as I've really taken the piss with favours from him lately.

Fuller replied on the same day with:

I don't know him well enough. Nigel says we'll have more of a problem if we kick her off at this stage as she got 90% of the vote.

Have written to will, crowther and Lisa asking why the fuck she was even put forward as a candidate to the branch. Yet another easily avoidable fuck up leads me to believe that this again is a deliberate sabotage by Crowther and Duffy.

Sean Howlett replied again on the same day:

Ok, you need to chase up Mick McGough on this as well!

Fuller replied:

Nigel Jones, not been in the party so long, lives in Lewes, which is not that close. At all.

Other lady is called Diane, she's on the council in Waveley where she is an INDEPENDENT COUNCILLOR and has not even bothered to represent the party.

 Junius and GLW, I curse you!

So there you have a selection of emails from the wonderful Ms Fuller. How we laughed at her attacks on Duffy and Crowther! But we don't suppose that either Lisa or Steve will be sharing those laughs with the Junius Team!

So how Nigel possibly defend her now? She's attacked a candidate selected by the party. Plus, she's attacked two senior figures in the party. Nigel is really in a pickle! But he can't abandon her to the wolves because she may go to the papers in revenge.

Nigel's 'intimacy' with Ms Fuller is hardly a secret but she knows much, much more .... things that Nigel would certainly not want an increasingly interested media made aware of!

But, as we said before, how can he possible defend an employee who has attacked a lady tipped as UKIP's next leader?

But, of course, that's why Nigel wants Ms James out! He knows that senior UKIPPERS have been suggesting that Nigel's time as leader should be brought to a swift end. He also knows that they want Ms James to succeed him. And you can imagine how Nigel feels about that! No more appearances on Question Time, Daily Politics, quotes in the press, etc, etc! His fragile little ego just couldn't cope! Pity poor Nigel! And it looks like Annabelle will be soon be collecting her cards and looking for a new job!

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