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Sunday, 8 December 2013

> A Cunning Plan........


The case of Alexander Blackman has become a cause célébre. We learn tonight that Farage is planning to jump on the bandwagon now that others have identified the issue for him.

We wonder who will write the press statement for him. Farage's 'voice' will not be interested, as Blackman is in stir, and can't be shagged. Towler is isolated. And Kelly will not be well disposed towards Blackman given that the Royal Marines shot quite a few of his Republican chums back in the old days. Perhaps the Winball Pizard can knock something up - we understand he may be back on the scene shortly.

Expect something like "I, me, myself, was the only person, me, I, myself, who  has consistently said that Blackfellow or whatever his name is should be given a medal. Me, I, myself."

Oh dear, did we let the cat out of the bag, Nigel?

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Greg_L-W. said...


inept as a leader Nigel Farage may well have proved himself to be in his transparently self serving behaviour.

We have all watched the slow ril crash that is UKIP as it grows in membership by pandering to cheap populism and the shallow gain in numbers by appealing to the values of the BNP as that party has collapsed - all be it strenuously in denial of UKIP's undeniable racist roots and affiliates.

Inept as a leader he may be but I do not believe he is a fool by choice.

I can not believe Nigel Farage would go so far in pandering to lowlife populism as to support the cowardly murderer Alexander Blackman lately a Sargeant in The Royal Marines, from which organisation he has been dishonourably discharged and rightly so.

I appreciate Farage has surrounded himself with low lifes thieves, liars, perverts and the dishonourable in his press office like Annabel Fuller, Clive Page, Gawain Towler, Mark Croucher and their like.

Farage also has a crew of fraudsters, liars, cheats and the dishonourable amongst his MEP such as the liar and thieves Derek Clark, Tom Wise, Stuart Agnew, David Bannerman and the like.

Indeed Farage has driven out anyone of any ethical calliber so as to shine like a strutting cock on the dung heap he has created of UKIP.

Even so I do not believe he is so bereft of ethics, values or sense as to support a murderer who has brought shame on our military and increased the risk to those who serve in Afghanistan - crass and incompetent as that mission may be.

On this issue I call on the author of this posting to give Nigel Farage the benefit of the doubt - I doubt even Farage would sink so low as to try to justify a deliberate and witting murder made in the full knowledge of The Geneva Convention by an experienced NCO who even quoted his own criminality!