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Friday, 13 December 2013

> Le Pen, Bloom, Ukip, & some 'untruths'


This week in the European Parliament, at a press conference hosted by Marine Le Pen, a journalist enquired as to the possibility of Godfrey Bloom joing Le Pen's far-right grouping after the 2014 euro elections.

Frank Obermeyer of the Austrian Freedom Party responded with some interesting statements.

"Godfrey Bloom is still a member of Ukip, and still a member of the EAF. We are working well with him, but at this moment it is uncertain if he will stand for Ukip, or as an independent".

So there we have it.

Bloom's reported resignation from Ukip did not happen.

Bloom's reported resignation from the EFD group in the European Parliament did not happen.

As of today, Decemer 13th, Bloom is still listed as a Ukip MEP sitting in the EFD group, as is confirmed here.

It was Le Pen's confirmation of Bloom's leading role in the extreme right EAF that caused much embarrassment to the party. Now Obermeyer has confirmed that the link is still there.

We predict that Bloom will stand for Ukip in 2014, and that after the elections Farage will take the party into a far right group. His only problem is how to present himself in the British press as being senior to Le Pen.

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