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Monday, 2 December 2013

> The Internal War Claims Another Victim - & The Lead Actors Show Themselves.


Monckton : In Farage's Sights For Some Time Now

We have discussed the press office led internal war here before. Things are hotting up, we see. Two very significant developments are reported in the press today.

Firstly, the sacking of Mad Monckton, who, if you believe him (and few outside UKIP do), is the only 'non-voting' member of the House of Lords in history, from his role as leader of UKIP Scotland.

On Farage sacking him, Monckton said: "I'm not happy he didn't telephone me before he sacked me. I thought Nigel would have had the common sense to ring me." This will come as no surprise to those who know Farage. A total coward, he has never had the guts, or at least the decency, to look a man in the eyes when he stabs him in the back. You supported him, Monckton, so now its your turn to smell it.

With the support of Murdoch, Sykes, and the Barclay brothers, Farage no longer needs the largesse that may have 'flowed' UKIP's way through Monckton's connections. We have reported on this recently, and we suspect that this story is warming up. Farage is wise to distance himself from this - but it may be too late for at least two other UKIP MEPs, one of whom is seen as a possible challeger, and who he will have no hesitation in throwing to the media wolves anyway.

Having won the battle of the UKIP press office, Annabelle Fuller - or Lady Farage, as she hopes to become - has now taken control of UKIP's media affairs.

There are rumours that the Winball Pizard - aka Mark Croucher - may also be lined up for a return to the press office. Nothing would surprise us in Farageworld.

But back to the peerage thing. Farage has recently 'come out' with an admission that he thinks he deserves a peerage. This is, of course, not news to those who are close to him. Nor is it a secret that Fuller wants to be the next Mrs Farage. Goodness knows there has been the odd (very odd) scandal in this department! Might we see some interesting changes in the Fuhrer's domestic arrangements soon?

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Greg_L-W. said...


I wonder if UKIP will be repaying me the £13,000 they owe me when the Courts found against their agent Mark Croucher aided by Paul Nuttall & Clive Page and ordered payment of my expenses, a debt they have failed to pay in complete contempt for British Justice and our courts.

It sadly demeans UKIP as a party to have a liar and a cheat like Mark Croucher as their spokesman, but their press office has been a constant liability with convicted fraudsters like Clive Page, Gawain Towler who was dumped as a candidate when his wife publicised the fact that he had been misbehaving behaving sexually in the bath with his young daughter, Annabelle Fuller who lied and published UKIP confidential material on You Tube & Farage's efforts top cover up for his doxy cost UKIP their Chairman John Whitaker.

Then of course there was the saga when the press office wittingly employed a Tory plant from Conservative HQ Steven Sobey (Neville)!

It would be hard to find such a steady flow of low lifes! Is it perhaps a deliberate action to ensure UKIP never progresses and is never cleaned up to make it fit for purpose to Leave-The-EU and instead spends its time squabbling like ferrets in a sack & losing people of any calliber, as they have so regularly done!