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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

>Farage: Happy To Work With The BNP, & Opposed To A Referendum.


This came into our hands today. It is an e-mail from Andrew 'Steve' Reed, who was until quite recently Nigel Farage's personal assistant in the European Parliament. It demonstrates the willingness of Farage's office to work with the BNP. It also confirms UKIP's instinctive opposition to a referendum on membership of the EU.

Should any Faragistas ask us for evidence of the integrity of this evidence, we say only this. Sue us, you claim to know who we are, so drop us a summons. And then we will present that evidence in court!

Dear Derek
Technically, Mr Laybourne is right to describe a referendum on adherence to the EU as "treason".

As for the exclusion of former BNP-members from UKIP-membership, this was absolutely essential to avoid the deluge of ordure the pro-EU mass-media would otherwise have had the opportunity to fling at UKIP; but why should it matter, to former BNP-members, if they are denied a UKIP-membership card?  There is much they can contribute, without having a card!  What is really important here?  Having a card or making contribution?
Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed
Office of Nigel Farage, Brussels


parisclaims said...

You'll be able to explain why UKIP
have a ban on Ex BNP members, I expect.

bo ptah said...

Of course a referendum on the EU is treason. Because you are implying that we can have a vote on the Sovereignty of this nation. You can not take away the ability of future generations to self determination by voting on it. We must leave the EU now. We never had a referendum to join the EU, so we certainly don't need one to leave.