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Friday, 3 January 2014

>Lording It Over UKIP!


The revolution always devours it's own children, and the vipers have turned on Godfrey Bloom. It's actually a classic example of how the old adage works in practice: Bloom has been making daft, headline grabbing statements for years. It has been his traditional role in UKIP. All of a sudden, a casual remark about women being "sluts", and he is thrown to the wolves. The time for all that has passed, Godfrey, and they didn't tell you. Goodbye.

But the cheeky chappie has got in a fine retort or two. He has now let something devastating slip to the Guardian:

"Bloom accuses Ukip's leader of pursuing an "Ein F├╝hrer" leadership policy and a "No-policy" policy agenda, and claims Farage has already struck a secret election deal with the Tories in return for a seat in the Lords."

This is, of course no secret. But Bloom has now placed this officially in the public domanin. Farage will be aware that the press have been asking questions on this matter recently. The problem is, they have been asking the wrong people at Central Office. That particular cadre no more want to see this come out than Farage does. At least not at this particular moment. After the 2014 Euro elections, however, Farage knows his moment will come.

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