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Sunday, 2 March 2014

>Money and Secrets......


Oh Dear. Even without Godders, the UKIP conference has descended into farce. It seems that the much vaunted donor Paul 'have a gay day' Sykes, has not actually given any money. (And yes, Mr Sykes, it was the UKIP press office who first put questions about your sexuality into the public domain). Junius has remained silent about this for more than a year, but now the questions are coming from the mainstream press.

As a result, Neil 'Cash for Questions' Hamilton, who was once arrested along with his wife on suspicion of rape, has thrown a bit of a wobbly.

Perhaps UKIP spokeswoman Annabelle Fuller, who has accused UKIP members of harassing her, and who also falsely accused a Tory MP of sexually assaulting her might have something to say about this? Such matters might appear to arouse her. How interesting that such filthy sexual issues crop up at the top of UKIP, again and again. Perhaps now we see the dynamic that holds them all together?

And note how Farage, who employs both Fuller and his wife at taxpayer's expense, rallied around to support Fuller's lies. We are surprised the the Latvian hooker, Liga, has never popped up as an 'employee' of Farage. Richard North might have something more to say on this matter....."I am not and was not prepared to be a bag-carrier. Nor would I fetch and carry for Farage, or write his letters, or be available to pour him into a taxi when he was so blind drunk that he could no longer stand, or cover for him when he failed to turn up for morning appointments because he had been out on the tiles all night long."

Situation normal, all fucked up, down, backwards and sideways, it would seem!


John Page said...


Greg_L-W. said...


clearly UKIP is fundamentally a racist party - one need only glance at the composition of Nigel Farage's EFD Group of which UKIP is a primary member to realise this.

UKIP's support of racism, anti homosexuality, anti Judaism & violence amongst its allies is undeniable.

You need only read the vile comments of its NEC member Mick McGough at:
and others to realise just how vile and intollerant UKIP really are!


Greg_L-W. said...


Nigel Farage admits to fraud on Andrew Neill's TV show when he denied cheating his coleagues by employing his wife against all his promises.

The fraud was in Farage's own word accepting money from the EU tax payers and then having obtained the money he decided to unlawfully fund UKIP political role with his wife Kirsten.

It is against EU law to take EU tax payers' money to fund party political activities.

When will Farage resign?