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Monday, 3 March 2014

> Sean Howlett Proves Himself A Drunken Tosser!

Sean Howlett: The Drunken Face Of UKIP

Sean Howlett, an insurance salesman or something, has always struck me as being both a silly and inconsequential little boy. He is apparently a UKIP adviser on something or another, putting him in the same league as the others who have produced what Farage refers to as 486 pages of "drivel". Best not to put that one on your c.v. when you grow up, Sean!

Now the Daily Mirror has exposed him as a puffed-up obnoxious drunken braggert. He has the sort of face that one instinctively wants to punch on point of principle, and I expect that after some of his comments, as reported, there may be a queue forming.

The picture that is painted here is not a pretty one. Paul Nuttall failing to work on his speech, a drunkard passing out on Nuttall's table, and a river cruise, consisting of sad non-entities like Howlett getting rat-arsed and mocking the vulnerable. Tim-Nice-But-Dim meets the John Tyndall Fan Club, as one journalist who was present described it to the Junius team.

Still, at least nobody was sexually assaulted this time - perhaps its hard to get it up after so much booze...!

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