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Sunday, 8 January 2012

UKIP and Stuart Agnew set out to deceive public over debate

Stuart Agnew. Once famously described by Nigel Farage as being "Thick as Sh*t but he has money"

UKIP's leadership is clearly incapable of telling the truth.

In recent piece (on the official UKIP website) it was declared that 'UKIP MEP and agriculture spokesman Stuart Agnew scored a resounding victory at an Oxford Union Conference debate, significantly changing the majority view held before the event. Debating the motion earlier this week, “This House believes that British Agriculture could thrive outside of the European Union,” Mr Agnew found himself pitted against Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George and Young Farmers Club Agriculture Committee Member, Mark Houlton.'

End of quote.

You will note how UKIP claims that it was an 'Oxford Union Conference debate'. They lied. This was clearly a deliberate attempt on the part of UKIP and Stuart Agnew to deceive the public. Agnew actually spoke in a debate at a farmers' conference which had hired the building from the Oxford Union! See: LINK. The conference had absolutely nothing to do with the famous Oxford debating society!

Lib Dem MP Andrew George, who also spoke in the debate, somehow managed to publish the correct information on his website with a heading 'George to debate at Oxford Farming Conference'. What a great shame that both Agnew and UKIP failed to follow his example and actually tell the truth for once!

We also note the UKIP website fails to mention that Agnew was reticent, made bungling attempts to influence the debate, and was soon sidelined by his seconder, Milly Wastie, East Midlands Regional Officer of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.

Stuart Agnew is currently under investigation by OLAF for fraud. See: LINK

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