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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012 from the Junius Team

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Another year is upon us! And let us hope it's the last one for the EU and Farage's EUKIP! What will dear Nigel and his sycophants do when the EU Gravy Train crashes to a halt?

We note that the Furhrer has been spinning his usual nonsense in his 'New Year Message' to his followers. How we laughed at this line!

"For UKIP 2011 saw us clearly establish ourselves as the 4th party in domestic politics".

Mr Goebbels would be proud of that one! He would also love Nigel's comment that "the political class further lose their grip on both reality and the country". Takes one to know one, Nigel!

Britain's 4th party? Don't make us laugh! Farage is the one in need of a reality check!

Losing council election after council election, getting battered in a Westminster by-election (LINK), getting beaten by the Lib Dems time and time again and seeing your membership plummet proves the exact opposite! Nigel should check out the latest opinion polls which clearly indicate that support for UKIP is falling. LINK

But at least UKIP managed to get 23 more votes than the European Citizens Party in a December council election! Perhaps that is what Nigel is referring to! LINK

The Junius Team. Exposing EUKIP lies and corruption since 2008.

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