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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom, the Far Right & the pro- EU European Alliance for Freedom

The European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) is a pro-EU pan European political party. UKIP MEPs are not allowed to sit in these pro-EU entities following a ballot of members in 2010, but that has not stopped UKIP's Godfrey Bloom from being president of the EAF, where he sits with his fellow board members from the neo-nazi Vlaams Belaang, and the far-right Austrian Freedom Party. So much for the will of the UKIP membership, or the "gibbons" as Bloom calls them.

The EAF is developing, and in true far-right traditions they have held a summer camp for young people, many of whom appear to be who appear to be - well - skinheads. http://www.eurallfree.org/?q=node/208 Nice!
And let us not forget the EAF congress, the photographs of which reveal Nigel Farage's assistant Steve Reed sitting next to Vlaams Belang's Phillip Claeys! http://www.eurallfree.org/?q=node/199
The EAF statute is interesting, and it calls into question Bloom's relationship with both the EAF and UKIP. It states: "A member may be expelled for not abiding by the principles and objectives of Article 2 of the statute,"
So what is Article 2? This calls "for a non-centralised, transparent, flexible and democratically controlled EU" and wants "to sustain diversity and accountable cooperation at a European level ". It also wants "to uphold freedom of political expression and association across Europe and especially within the structures of the EU;"
So why has Bloom not only not been expelled (as he is supposedly a withdrawalist), but also been made president of the EAF?
The answer, dear reader, is simple. The anti-EU rhetoric of the UKIP leadership clique is purely for domestic consumption. It is to garner your votes and, more importantly, your money and the salaries that come with being on the EU gravy train.
But let us look a little deeper into the EAF. The party is based in Malta (although it has no Maltese politicians amongst its membership), and its representative on the island is one Isabelle Sammut. Ms Sammut is the daughter of Joe Sammut, a Maltese socialist and former treasurer of the Maltese Labour Party. Mr Sammut nailed his colours to the mast when he stated "Everyone agrees that the EU was a very positive development." Mr Sammut's business practices at the moment include helping immigrants obtain Maltese residency so that they can enjoy "Freedom of movement within EU". He can also help you set up a business in Libya where he boasts of long years of success. Interesting.
Isabelle is rather young for such a role, she is just 22 years old. Perhaps her name is an administrative matter? We wonder if she is drawing an EU salary, and if so, who trousers it?

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