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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

UKIP's Stuart Parr describes UKIP literature as "xenophobic crap”

Stuart Parr (parish councillor, former Lib Dem supporter and twat) is perhaps best known for telling lies about Nikki Sinclaire and kissing Nigel's backside at every opportunity via his 'Farage Sycophants (bloggers) 4 UKIP' blog. LINK

However, his 'love affair' with Nigel may soon come to an end after certain comments recently came back to haunt him!

Eyebrows have been raised in UKIPPER circles after it emerged that Parr once described UKIP literature on his blog as"the usual inconsistent xenophobic crap …...... stops me from taking UKIP seriously at all”. 

It moves, it talks, it walks but the lights went out years ago

And how apt that Mr Parr titled his blog 'The Insane Ramblings of Wonko the Sane'!

So why is Parr now quite happy to promote a party and a leader that happily sits with fascists and racists in the EFD group in the EU parliament? LINK . So much for his concerns about xenophobia! The man is a hypocrite!

Click on the picture to get a closer look

Here is the full text:

“It has been brought to my attention that the English Democrats are fielding Garry Bushell in the delayed elections in South Staffs.

My contact forwarded me a copy of the election leaflets from each party that’s standing. Conservatives … dull. Labour … dull, lies and false promises (what else would you expect from a party headed up by Traitor Blair?). Lib Dems … dull and 4 pages! UKIP … the usual inconsistent xenophobic crap. English Democrats … excellent!

The EDP leaflet was a single page, bright and clear. It is in red and white (of course) and clearly sets out what they are standing for in a few paragraphs and bullet points. It looks completely different from the standard dullness of the main three parties and the garish purple and yellow of the UKIP.

While I’m on the subject of the UKIP leaflet, there were some inconsistencies. Their first bullet point said that they would withdraw the UK from the EU and save £39m a day. Then the third bullet point says that with the £30m a day saved from leaving the EU they would cut council tax. So which is it? £39m or £30m a day? Also, is that £39m (or £30m) a day net of the lost trade, subsidies, grants and preferrential trade agreements that we get from the EU? Apart from the inconsistencies such as the money side of things, the deliberate missing out of important information and deliberate misleading stops me from taking UKIP seriously at all.

South Staffs is a fairly rural constituency and I think it would benefit from the time and attention that the English Democrats could give it.

I also think it would benefit from the increased profile having a minor celebrity and journalist as it’s elected representitive. Finally, as an English constituency and one that would be swallowed up by a meaningless region that it has no links to, I think voting for a non-regional, pro-English party would be in its best interests.

I normally vote Lib Dems myself but if I was in South Staffs, I would certainly take this opportunity to vote for Garry Bushell.”

Also see: LINK


wonkotsane said...

Are you going to post my reply to your fellow UKIP-hating retard Steve Uncles' post? Or were you just so excited to read some gossip about someone you've consistently failed to bully and intimidate that you couldn't resist the temptation to post some of your usual insulting, incoherent bile without looking any further than your mate Uncles' English Pisspot blog?

Junius said...

More inept ramblings from Farage's mouthpiece.

Greg_L-W. said...


one has to wonder at the basic sanity of Stuart Parr with his foul language and childish behaviour so consistently telling provable lies.

That he follows this chap Uncle's postings so closely is hardly surprising as from what I am told Uncles is almost as unpleasant.

Is Stuart Parr trying to pass the blame for his actions to what seems to be a chum called Steve Uncles.

I understand Uncles was at one time in the so called English Democrats and interestingly, as with the ED and other non event parties UKIP is joining with them to aid and assist The EU in their policy of divide and rule by campaigning for a so called English Parliament now that they have opted, it seems, to endorse The National Ass for Wales - too stupid to realise it is an anti British EU construct.

As a liar a cheat and a total low foul mouthed low life clearly Stuart Parr is in no position to berate those posting at Junius as just as when the fool accuses me of lies and other fantasies that suit his delusions - as yet Stuart Parr has TOTALLY failed to identify a single solitary error on any of my blogs and at a guess he like the other slime in the UKIP parasite claque he can be expected to lie and defame without substance.

I note like Independent UKIP, Gothmog, Skeptyk, SDP and the rest of the cowards and liars wonkotsane is too ashamed to use his real name and hides the identity of Stuart Parr in this childish device!

Do grow up you silly little chap, we appreciate you have no reputation to defend and use that fact to defame and lie in some impunity as a coward.