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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gerard Batten's former staffer to expose UKIP corruption in book

From Political Scrapbook:

A former UKIP staffer and parliamentary candidate at the last general election claims to be writing a book revealing dodgy goings-on at the core of the party having branded her defection from the Conservativesthe biggest mistake of my life“.

Jasna Badzak defected to UKIP in 2008, along with a swathe of Tories from Westminster, and stood in the Westminster North constituency in the 2010 elections. She then worked for six months as a press officer in the London office of MEP Gerard Batten.

In a series of messages on Twitter, Badzak has claimed that she will be making revelations about the alleged racism and corruption of top UKIP figures.
She also alleges misuse of EU parliament expenses by old Scrapbook favourite and UKIP candidate for Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner, Godfrey Bloom:

And her claims don’t stop with Bloom, and threaten to plunge the party back into the same kind of controversy experienced when former MEP Ashley Mote was convicted of benefit fraud:

Speaking to Political Scrapbook this afternoon, Ms Badzak said:
”UKIP solely exists to put a few people in the position of MEP to steal as much money as possible for themselves.”
Apparently her book will be out before the 2014 EU Parliament elections, in which Nigel Farage’s party hopes to improve on its second place coup in the 2009 poll. When contacted, UKIP refused to comment.

To read the original: LINK

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


I am reliably informed that Ms. Badzak already has a publisher who has agreed to the publication & distribution!

Her testimony is likely to be damning - it does seem that UKIP manages to make enemies of all too many of its activists and supporters - little wonder they have so clearly relegated themselves to being a footnote in history as far as domestic elections are concerned.

One hint I can give them is to lie about people and seek to defame them is all too certain a way to ensure relentless opposition.

So also is UKIP's fundamental corruption and failure to pay its moral commitments whatever dishonest means they may use to pretend they are not involved.

Currently UKIP has failed to pay me the £13K+ they morally owe me despite their sordid efforts to blame third parties.

UKIP has no future, just look at the liars, low lifes and pond life like Mick McGough, Stuart Parr, Gerard Batten, Derek Clark and many more liars cheats and charlatans, many too ashamed of their behaviour to put their name to their cyber lies and bullying - Oh so very typical of UKIP.