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Thursday, 11 October 2012

UKIP: How the MEP selection will be rigged

There has been a certain amount indignation and concern about how the candidate selection process might be rigged prior to the 2014 euro-elections. Farage has told MEPs that 'the NEC' will decide on the order of the candidates in each region very shortly before the elections, possibly as late as April 2014. The favoured few will, of course, know their places long before that, and for the disappointed and shafted it will be too late to do anything.

We can now reveal on of the ways in which the selection process is to be manipulated.
In the South West region, candidate interviews will be conducted by Steve Crowther and James Carver. However, at the right tactical moment, it will be revealed that they are both in fact prospective candidates themselves. So aspiring candidates will have the decision as to whether their names can go forward to the vote by members to get on the list by their own rivals. This is like something from one of the former Soviet States.
Depending on whether Christine Hamilton agrees to stand in South West, Crowther can expect to be either 2nd or 3rd on the list (Neil Hamilton is already assured of the top slot). Carver, however, is being lined up for a fall, as Farage and others hold grudges against him, and so he might expect one of the lowest places on the list at best.
What a disgrace UKIP has become!


Eric Edmond said...

What about the belted Earl? Where will he come on the list?

Eric Edmond said...

What about the belted Earl? Is he not to be on the list?

Junius said...

He's not in Farage's Christmas card list for a start!

Greg_L-W. said...

UKIP has had almost 20 years of living off The EU and has received around £50Million of tax payers money to fund their scams and life styles.

It is hardly surprising that in those 20 years they have learned much from their self enrichment at the tax payers' expense.

UKIP leadership clique and its corrupt, dishonest and cowardly claque have clearly learned to use the methods of The EU to stay in power!

To stay with front row seats on the gravy train they have learned from such past masters as Barosso, Rumuy, Ashton, Schultz, Verhofstadt, Dehaen, Walstrom, Kinnock, Corbett, Paton, Clegg and other EU luminaries and lice.

One lesson they have clearly learned is to avoid democracy at all cost as one can not control the outcome - Hence the fixing of a change in the UKIP selection process to place position on lists and election outcomes in the gift of Nigel Farage through his puppets on the utterly corrupted UKIP NEC.

No one of any morality would seem to have believed the vote outcome to change the UKIP constitution to align UKIP to EU methods with cenralised authority through a dictator committee of the chosen.

I guess if you live in a sewer, feed in a sewer and are enriched from a sewer - eventually you stink of the sewer.

The stench of corruption, self service, self enrichment and louche and libertine values is all pervasive in UKIP's leadership clique and its vile claque.

One has to wonder which is more vile The EU or UKIP?

One must concede it is UKIP that has betrayed us NOT The EU as The EU merely set out to do what it always claimed it would do!