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Thursday, 18 October 2012

UKIP: Jon Ison and the Boys in Blue

John Ison, UKIP's man in the West Midland's, and former employee of the UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall, has a lot on his plate these days. As well as a considerable amount of attention from the boys in blue, the collapse of his region, the loss of his job, and the realisation that actually he will not be top of the MEP list in the West Mids in 2014, he was heavily embarrassed by the revelation that he has previously appeared in court accused of trying to strangle his wife.

Now the Solihull Strangler has another reason to cry into his beer. Within West Mids UKIP circles (what little is left of UKIP in the West Mids, that is!) there much hilarity over revelations by a journalist about why his first marriage broke up. Now we are not ones to gloat over another man's misfortune. In fact we feel sorry for him. For Ison was cuckolded... by another woman. The Solihull Strangler's wife left him for another chick. What that must do to a "man's" ego, we can only speculate upon. Especially if that "man" is clearly inadequate.

Oh John, it is no wonder that you are so messed up that you became a Walter Mitty character. When your life is such a failure, fantasy must be so much more comfortable than reality.

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