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Friday, 3 May 2013

Congratulations to Nigel Farage for sending shockwaves across Westminster

We will be the first to admit it - UKIP did much better than we expected. They gained 147 councillors, came second in South Shields, shook the political elite in Westminster and brought the EU and immigration firmly into the political spotlight.

However, we must remember that two thirds of the electorate didn't vote and UKIP failed to gain control of a single council. Also, there were approx 2000 seats up for grabs. Gaining 147 seats certainly can't be compared to election landslides under Thatcher or even Blair. The real winner was apathy.

We must concede that many people were attracted to UKIP due to those reports concerning far-right candidates in the party. For example, many ex-BNP supporters decided to vote UKIP because they shared the views expressed by the candidates highlighted in those stories.

All the three major parties have been given a bloody nose by UKIP and an electorate who rightly feel betrayed and ignored by the so-called Westminster elite. Cameron didn't lose as many seats as expected but he now faces increasing pressure to move his party to the right and neutralise UKIP. Labour failed to make the gains they expected and the Lib Dems did very badly - and deservedly so!

Members of the Junius Team have already spoken to senior Tories and we can confirm that they are extremely worried about UKIP. We have been made aware of a report which states that UKIP can be expected to take a  number of seats from them in the Euro elections.

One senior Tory has said to us that Cameron needs to be booted out by the end of the year. He wishes to see an alliance between Farage's UKIP and a revitalised Conservative party under Boris Johnson. And there are many others who share his views at the top of the Tory tree.

Or will a new Tory leader simply ignore UKIP and move the party to the right in order to win back their former supporters? Maggie Thatcher neutralised the NF by doing just that in 1979.

Let us be quite clear on one thing - Farage is corrupt, vindictive and we have no admiration for the man. He's a man motivated by ego and greed. However, we must give him credit for shaking Westminster to it's core.

There are many good people in UKIP and we share their commitment to getting the UK out of the EU. We also wish to see an end to uncontrolled immigration. And that's why it's a tragedy that UKIP is lead by the dishonest and the corrupt.

It's time for UKIPPERS to ensure that talent is encouraged in the party. However, the party is so centralised under Farage that this will never happen. UKIP's undoubted success today will further strengthen Farage's control and thus ensure that his sycophants will remain firmly in place.

Nigel Farage is UKIP and UKIP is Nigel Farage. This will cause serious problems for the party in the future. Any scandal involving Farage could seriously damage UKIP - perhaps fatally.

We can confirm that a documentary exposing Farage is now near completion. The success of May 2nd will ensure that it will now be broadcast. And you can expect other revelations regarding Farage from certain sources - including from his former colleagues.

The spotlight is now firmly on UKIP. The leadership of the party was frankly surprised by the hostile press campaign waged against them  - they haven't seen nothing yet!

But nevertheless, congratulations to Nigel Farage - and those ordinary activists - for making the Westminster 'elite' realise that they ignore the British people at their peril.


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