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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

UKIP: Election bits and pieces

David Bannerman
David Bannerman is seeking the third MEP position in the Eastern Region.
We note that he brought over to the Tories material on UKIP - material that will be released by his new masters before the 2014 MEP elections. We are assured that it will destroy Farage's reputation once and for all.
We shall see.
Nigel Farage - Mr Nice
Farage is trying to rebrand himself as a man who has the best interests of the British people at heart - a lovable, colourful rogue who would be happy to buy you a drink and listen to your woes. The reality is very different!
Farage is a man without a shred of integrity, a man lacking in morals, a drunkard, a man who has become very rich thanks to the EU and his MEP salary, a man who pays large amounts of money into offshore bank accounts to avoid paying UK taxes, a man who cheats on his wife, a man who is happy to smear and threaten those who dare question him, a man incapable of accepting criticism, a man who controls UKIP through his sycophants, a man who offers MEP positions in exchange for their loyalty and more!
Farage is a disgusting creature - a stain on British politics. Nice, he's not!
UKIP to be exposed on TV
The TV documentary on corruption and racism in UKIP is coming along nicely. Material has been gathered and people interviewed. Watch this space!
The Fuller emails
Our readers will remember that we published transcripts of emails - LINK - between Fuller and certain people within UKIP. We had promised to publish the screenshots but have held them back as they may be used as part of TV report on UKIP.
Suffolk Tories spike UKIP's guns!
How we laughed when we read Mr Gulleford's comments regarding the story below. Gulleford - known as Gollum to his friends - has ambitions to became an MEP - ambitions that are far beyond his intelligence. Fortunately, Farage hates him and has already made it known that he "will never become an MEP".
Christopher Hudson
From the East Anglian Daily Times:
Suffolk: Tories’ EU argument infuriates poll rivals
TORIES in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich have called for the Government to bring forward a referendum on the future of Britain’s position in the EU to before the 2015 general election.
The move comes as parties step up their campaign for the 75 seats on the county council – with some Tories fearing that a strong UKIP performance could cost them votes and seats.

Constituency chairman Christopher Hudson, who is seeking re-election as county councillor for Kesgrave, said: “We Conservatives in this constituency are assuring voters in our area that we are committed to give voters a clear choice on our country’s membership of the EU.

“It is vital that we connect with the people on this central issue ASAP. This matter will not be determined by the county council but by the sovereign will of Parliament.

“Our pledge to voters in this area is genuine, serious, democratic and will indicate grass-roots reaction to this EU membership issue.”

UKIP spokesman Stuart Gulleford was not impressed by the Tories’ move. He said: “This is a blatant attempt at trying to get votes from UKIP supporters.

“We haven’t raised the EU or the referendum because it is not relevant to these elections – but we’re getting a lot of support. Sometimes it’s difficult to find people who aren’t voting UKIP.”

His party is fighting the county council elections with a specific local election manifesto – and is hoping to build on the one seat it won in the 2009 poll which was held on the same day as the European elections.

To read the original: LINK
Dr Eric Edmond
We note that Dr Edmond tried to rejoin UKIP after being asked by UKIPPERS to stand as a candidate in the local elections. His membership re-application was blocked due to his known criticisms of Farage and his sycophants. Democracy at work in UKIP! Criticise the Fuhrer and you're out!
Dr Edmond was thrown off UKIP's NEC after raising concerns about corruption in UKIP.
Dr Edmond has a blog: LINK
Dr Richard North on UKIP
Dr North used to share an office with Farage in Brussels.
From his website:
The Observer is running a front page story on UKIP's "chaos" over policy. One response, though, is to smile at the din of the chickens, inbound to diverse roosting points. At the same time, one despairs at the ten wasted years when some serious policy development could have been underway.

Then, one can only marvel at the irony at the Observer identifying the ghastly Bloom as the "senior MEP" complaining about the lack of policy. Farage aside, if there is one man at whose door responsibility can be laid for the policy vacuum, it is Godfrey Bloom.

On the other hand, though, this is a win-win situation for UKIP's critics. Given a policy vacuum, they can criticise the party for its lack of policy. But, had the party actually develop any policy worthy of its name, it would then be open house on attacking UKIP policy.

The fact is, of course, that no matter what UKIP did at this current juncture, it is creating such a "disturb" that its rivals would be seeking weaknesses to bring to the attention of the electorate. That is what party politics is all about.

The great shame is that, should UKIP actually succeed in gaining a number of seats, then the policy vacuum will really matter. Successful candidates will find themselves having to make policy on the hoof, with all the lack of coherence and contradictions that that implies.

From there, the likelihood is that we will see a familiar pattern. The newly emergent party will be no more able to deliver than the ones it replaces. After a short honeymoon, faction fighting will break out (as it always does). Disillusionment will sets in, the public will loss faith and move on to another potential saviour – or give up altogether.

It is never possible, nor wise, at this juncture, to predict what will happen, but one can always learn from the past and what has happened. And here, for more then ten years, I have been warning UKIP about its lack of intellectual base, and the lack of is policy development. Now, the wasted years are taking their toll.

Needless to say, Lord Ashcroft in the Mail on Sunday has a different "take", charging that the UKIP leader is in it for himself, destroying the only chance eurosceptics have of getting an "in-out" referendum.

If it was the case that Cameron's offer of a referendum was genuine, and that he was truly set to give us an "in-out" choice, instead of a rigged poll, based on some mythical renegotiations. But, since the offer lacks any credibility, Ashcroft's points simply amount to special pleading.

What the establishment politicians cannot cope with though, is that they are so tarnished by their lies, deception and indifference to public wishes, that an increasing number of voters would prefer the dubious blandishments of the Farage show, compared with anything that they have to offer.

No one with any intelligence seriously expects UKIP to deliver anything of substance. But as a commentary on the poverty of establishment politics, it is very hard to beat.

To the extent that a vote for UKIP is a vote against the establishment, it doesn't really matter what the likes of the Observer or Lord Ashcroft say. In fact, the more they squeak and squirm, the more attractive UKIP becomes – since the whole objective is to see the establishment in disarray.

But when the UKIP supporters are done, there will still be that policy vacuum, and there will still be some serious politics to do. One trusts that there will be some grown-ups left to fill the gaps that UKIP leaves.
To read the original: LINK
And click HERE to read the Mail's excellent article on UKIP and their far-right candidates.
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