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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Farage and Nuttall v UKIP Wales: A Party at War

UKIP Wales is currently being torn apart by infighting after it emerged that Nigel Farage and the odious Paul Nuttall had decided to ditch UKIP's opposition to devolution and embrace a policy that will result in the end of the UK. The EU will be pleased. So now UKIP's leadership is willing to make the EU's job easier by weakening our nation state!

That senior members of UKIP Wales were not consulted about the proposed changes comes as no surprise! And that 'Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP' blog - also known as 'Bloggers 4 UKIP' - has publicly attacked UKIP Wales members as 'fifth columnists' tells you all you need to know about who is really pulling their strings! And quite right too! How dare the ordinary members speak out against the ideas of the Glorious Fuhrer and his Deputy!

Here is a statement from UKIP Wales. It was made in response to the odious Nuttal's poorly written devolution policy:

United We Stand...The United Kingdom. 

The United Kingdom Independence Party. 

It’s all in the name. However, we sometimes have to ask

“Which part of United Kingdom do you not understand?”

Deputy Party Leader Paul Nuttall’s policy proposal

“A Union for the Future” is a case in point...

The Devolution Settlement is a stupid mess. On that we can agree with Mr. Nuttall.

As for the rest of his proposal, we profoundly disagree both in sentiment and logic.

UKIP Wales has worked for 10 years on its policy to Abolish the Welsh Assembly and use Welsh Westminster MP’s to sort out Welsh issues One week a month would be set aside for this. 

English MP’s would have English days for English issues.

The Welsh Assembly has 10 years of nonsense, waste and policy failure to its credit and is in trouble.

We are living in exciting times. Brussels and the Euro are about to self-destruct and the Devolved Assemblies are losing credibility fast. 

It seems our Noble Cause is about to be won. Mr. Nuttall says that Scottish, Welsh and Irish devolution has weakened the Union. 

Yet he says that English devolution will strengthen it. Far from strengthening it, we believe that an English Assembly would cause our Union to shatter. He has proposed a policy document from hell. We have been anticipating this kind of proposal for several years but expected it to come from Brussels or the Welsh or Scottish separatists.

For it to come from UKIP Central is a deeply disillusioning experience.

Even those who like Mr. Nuttall’s proposal must admit that it will frighten and upset a lot of people. Why do this? UKIP occupies the perfect position right now! You can’t improve on perfect, you can only go backwards. 

So what is the point of “A Union for the Future”?

The English have, for many centuries, been very grown-up and patient on this subject. 

They have put up with, we admit it, the slightly tiresome antics of the Celtic Fringe because it was worth it in the interest of the higher cause of UNITY. We believe the great majority of the English still feel this way passionately.

UKIP and the United Kingdom can, in effect, sit quietly and allow Victory to fall into our laps. We have won the arguments. Our enemies are in disarray. We see it in the newspapers and on the television every day.

There is just one danger left. “Ourselves.” It is still possible to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory. How ? By developing and promoting new, wildly radical plans to tear up the British Constitution.

Whatever you strive for in life, you must always be very clear about

“..The Aim..”

and don’t allow yourself to be distracted from it.

We put it to you that UKIP’s aim is, and always has been:-..

“To preserve the United Kingdom INTACT !”

That, of course, means we must get out of the European Union. It also means that we must resist the Balkanisation of Britain.

We urge you to reject Mr. Nuttall’s policy proposal and support our efforts in Wales to remain a very close partner in the most successful Union the world has ever known

The following pages explain UKIP’s long standing policy on devolution.

Long Live The United Kingdom !

UKIP Wales There are two Principles, which underlie everything that UKIP stands for... 

One is the integrity of the UK, and the other is independence from the EU.

All policies must be judged in accordance with these principles.

The EU has long known that divide and conquer is the only way to create its Superstate. Under the EU’s stated plans, Britain is destined to be turned into 12 regions. After Labour came to power in 1997, the first of these devolved regional assemblies were created in Scotland, Wales, London and Northern Ireland.

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall proposes that by breaking the UK into 5 Regions (London, England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) and creating an English devolved Parliament, this will be a victory for UKIP, which will thwart the EU’s ambitions.

This is not the case.

It would, in fact, complete the next phase of Brussels’ plan to break up the UK.

Brussels always works on the ratchet principle. The next move by the EU would be to foment dissatisfaction in the North of England using present financial difficulties and to promote a split between North and South.

Following that they would revive the ‘Regions of England proposal’ which failed last time. Then they would exploit any problems by installing unelected puppet regimes as they have just done in Greece and Italy.

The separatists in Wales also work on the same ratchet principle. Having just achieved more power in a biased referendum they are already asking for further powers. The lesson of history is that appeasement never works; it just leads to more demands.

Up until March of 2011, UKIP was the only mainstream political party that opposed the EU’s Regionalisation Plan for the UK.

The Party is now asking the membership if this should still be the case or if we should accept and push for separate devolved governments in the UK.

As a party, we are made up of people from all of the United Kingdom coming from many political backgrounds.

To adopt a policy that will be divisive, at the exact moment when we must be unified is folly. The EU is teetering on the brink, and diverting our efforts from our ultimate aim is madness. Britain leaving the EU is our aim, and dabbling in policies that will polarise the membership is an error of judgment.

Unless you live under one of the devolved governments, you probably are not aware of the existing UKIP policy to address devolution.

The question we are asking, is:

“What was wrong with the existing policy?”

This is set out on the following page.

It does not pander to any other pressure groups. Paul Nuttall’s proposal was co-written by Eddie Bone and Scilla Cullen who are members of the Campaign for an English Parliament.

The existing policy is simple. It will not cost any more money but will save money - less politicians to pay. The civil service is already in place, and the MPs are already elected and paid to do their jobs.

It does not tamper with a formula that has worked for hundreds of years, and it addresses the injustices that some in England feel with the current state of affairs.

How it would work MPs are elected by first past the post in the same way and from constituencies that currently exist.

For three weeks each month MPs would meet in Westminster, as at present, to debate and vote on British matters (non devolved).

On the fourth week, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs would meet in their home capital cities to deal with devolved matters.

There would be no further devolution of powers.

We would however lose the additional layer of politicians as the MPs would now do the job of MSPs, AMs and MLAs.

Purely English matters would be dealt with in England solely by English MPs.

Upper Chamber..

Every legislative body needs scrutiny otherwise poorly drafted and bad laws will result.

The House of Lords needs reform, not abolition.

English MPs.. Scottish MPs.. Welsh MPs.. Northern Ireland MPs.

British Parliament.

MPs elected from all of the UK Constituencies meet for 3 weeks of the month in Westminster.

United We Stand.

Union for the Future.

Opposes the EUs Regionalisation Policy.

Will not distract us from getting out of the EU.

Answers the West Lothian Question without breaking up the UK.

No extra politicians/buildings/bureaucrats.

Maintains historic role of Parliament & MPs.

How Do They Compare?


We believe passionately in the Union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This Union has brought enormous benefits to us and to the wider world. Our proposal is not regionalisation. It does not create new bodies or pander to separatist nationalists.

This is our answer to the West Lothian question, and the only way to preserve the Union.

We believe the membership of UKIP need to discuss this crucial policy at a “Constitutional Conference”, where the true feeling of the membership can be expressed.

“A Union for the Future” has the possibility of being very divisive for the Party.

After reading this counter proposal, we would be grateful if you could let us know what you think

We will collate the responses and use them to ensure that we do not adopt the “Union for the Future” without having had a fair chance to put an alternative to the Party.

You can either write to us, or email:

UKIP Wales,
29 Ponc Y Fron,
LL77 7NY

Email feedback@ukipwales.org

The more feedback we get, the greater our chance of changing a disastrous policy


Wildgoose said...

You quote:

"The English have, for many centuries, been very grown-up and patient on this subject.

They have put up with, we admit it, the slightly tiresome antics of the Celtic Fringe because it was worth it in the interest of the higher cause of UNITY."

The quote continues "We believe the great majority of the English still feel this way passionately." - unfortunately, that's where it falls down. Because we don't. You must have missed the BBC poll showing that the English are now more in favour of Independence than the Scottish. And rather than take any account of this growing trend of exasperation and general "falling-out with the Union", all we get from politicians is more pandering to the "Celtic Fringe".

How many Devolution Votes have Scotland and Wales had? Because England has never once been asked for her opinion. And didn't that last vote in Wales result in more devolution rather than less? So whatever you think, the majority of Wales couldn't care less about remaining United with England.

It's now coming up to 14 years since Devolution was enacted and we English have been patient enough. Either start listening to our concerns for once or write the Union off as finished.

This isn't to say I don't fully respect your views. The shame is that they are not shared by your countrymen and certainly not shared in Scotland where UKIP only get 0.1% of the vote.

So either you let the slow motion breakup continue, or you attempt to address it by dealing with England, where it has done the most damage. Not doing anything is simply not an option.

Stephen Gash said...

This is an extremely irritating article. It wasn't the EU that imposed apartheid against the English, it was the enthusiastic British.

I for one have not heard a single Welsh politician and certainly none from UKIP Wales complaining that the English have been screwed by devolution. On the contrary, all we've heard is a bit of whining about the WA wasting money.

Devolution has exposed the brutal truth that fairness is not a British characteristic, it is an English one. It certainly is not a Scottish one and the Welsh are fast becoming Little Scotlanders.

14 years of the English, not only being treated as 3rd class in this so-called United Kingdom, but having our very identity denigrated and even denied, have made us realise we don't have a friend in these islands.

Devolution has not brought equality to the people here, it has been a series of vicious attacks against the English, not least by Welshmen. John Prescott notoriously wrote "there is no such nationality as English" and Rowan William's tenure as head of the Church of England has seen attempts to replace St George and the English flag with not one, but several others. The CofE has championed the regionalisation of England under William's leadership. Let's remember that Jerusalem is banned in many CofE churches.

All the disadvantages dumped on England from tuition fees to prescription charges, and denial of many cancer drugs, are not EU policies, they have been instilled in England by British politicians from across the UK, including Wales.

I say again, name me one British politician outside England who has condemned this.

An English parliament runs counter to EU doctrine which is one reason why British politicians oppose it. The English are by far and away the most EU-sceptic people in Europe. An English parliament will entrench that EU-scepticism and is the only thing that can possibly save the UK.

Far from being odious, Paul Nuttall is an eloquent man who puts UKIP's case most persuasively.

It is noted by English nationalists that all the pejorative adjectives, such as "odious" are hurled at English patriots as uniquely as the disadvantages of devolution are at England.